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Advances in Production Management Systems: Innovative Production Management Towards Sustainable Growth
Shigeki Umeda, Masaru Nakano, Hajime Mizuyama, Hironori Hibino, Dimitris Kiritsis, Gregor von Cieminski (Eds.)
Front Matter

Collaborative Networks

Power and Trust: Can They Be Connected in an Interorganizacional Network?
Walter Satyro, Jose Sacomano, Renato Telles, Elizangela Lima
Relationships and Centrality in a Cluster of the Milk Production Network in the State of Parana/Brazil
Elizangela Menegassi Lima, Jorge Pona, Jose Sacomano, João Reis, Debora Lobo
Extended Administration: Public-Private Management
Yacine Bouallouche, Catherine Cunha, Raphael Chenouard, Alain Bernard
Intelligent and Accessible Data Flow Architectures for Manufacturing System Optimization
Roby Lynn, Aoyu Chen, Stephanie Locks, Chandra Nath, Thomas Kurfess
Social Network Analysis on Grain Production in the Brazilian Scenario
Lúcio Costabile, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Geraldo Oliveira Neto, Mario Neto, Marcelo Shibuya
Innovation and Differentiation Strategies Integrating the Business Strategies and Production in Companies Networks
Francisco Milreu, Pedro Oliveira Costa Neto, Sergio Kyrillos, José Souza, Marcelo Shibuya
Platform-Based Production Development
Jacob Bossen, Thomas Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
Developing a Collaborative Framework for Mapping and Managing Key Drivers of Future Value Creation Based on Intangible Assets
Stephane Pagano, Gilles Neubert
Key Performance Indicators for Integrating Maintenance Management and Manufacturing Planning and Control
Harald Rødseth, Jan Strandhagen, Per Schjølberg
ERP Evaluation in Cloud Computing Environment
Valdir Morales, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Samuel Santos, Vanessa Lessa, Edivaldo Sartor
Co-operative Production Planning: Dynamic Documents in Manufacturing
Steinar Kristoffersen
Collaborative Supplying Networks: Reducing Materials Management Costs in Healthcare
Lorenzo Tiacci, Chiara Paltriccia
Collaborative Knowledge for Analysis Material Flow of a Complex Long Stud Using Multiple Stoke Cold Heading
Suthep Butdee, Uten Khanawapee

Globalization and Production Management

Leagility in a Triad with Multiple Decoupling Points
Joakim Wikner, Jenny Bäckstrand, Fredrik Tiedemann, Eva Johansson
Information System as a Tool to Decrease the Economic Distortion in Trade Metrology
Bruno Rodrigues Filho, Mauricio Silva, Cláudio Fogazzi, Marcelo Araújo, Rodrigo Gonçalves
Consumer Attitudes Toward Cross-Cultural Products in Convenience Stores: A Case Study of Japanese Food in Thailand
Supimmas Thienhirun, Sulin Chung
Logistics Issues in the Brazilian Pig Industry: A Case-Study of the Transport Micro-Environment
Sivanilza Machado, Irenilza Alencar Naas, João Mendes dos Reis, Rodrigo Santos, Fabiana Caldara, Rodrigo Garcia
Design of an Integrated Model for the Real-Time Disturbance Management in Transportation Supply Networks
Günther Schuh, Volker Stich, Christian Hocken, Michael Schenk
The Responsiveness of Food Retail Supply Chains: A Norwegian Case Study
Heidi Dreyer, Natalia Swahn, Kasper Kiil, Jan Strandhagen, Anita Romsdal
Application of Mass Customization in the Construction Industry
Kim Jensen, Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas Brunoe
A Cybernetic Reference Model for Production Systems Using the Viable System Model
Volker Stich, Matthias Blum

Knowledge Based Production Management

Manufacturing Digitalization and Its Effects on Production Planning and Control Practices
Siavash Khajavi, Jan Holmström
Financial Measures and Their Relations to Decoupling Points and Decoupling Zones
Joakim Wikner
Knowledge and Quality for Continuous Improvement of Production Processes
Marcos Morais, Antônio Brejão, Pedro Costa Neto, Helcio Raymundo, João Mendes dos Reis, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Emerson Abraham, Carla Parizi, Sivanilza Machado, Helton Silva
A Logical Framework for Imprecise and Conflicting Knowledge Representation for Multi-agent Systems
Jair Abe, Nelio Reis, Cristina Oliveira, Avelino Pimenta
Production Planning in Intra-organizational Network – A Study Under the Point of View of Annotative Paraconsistent Logic
Fabio Papalardo, Fabio Carvalho, Jose Sacomano, Jayme Machado
Mass Customization: Industrial Production Management in Companies Network
Sergio Kyrillos, José Sacomano, Fábio Papalardo, Francisco Milreu, José Souza
A Heuristic Approach for Integrated Nesting and Scheduling in Sheet Metal Processing
Tatsuhiko Sakaguchi, Hayato Ohtani, Yoshiaki Shimizu
Identification of Drivers for Modular Production
Thomas Brunoe, Jacob Bossen, Kjeld Nielsen
Numeric Methodology for Determining the Volumetric Consumption of Hydrated Ethanol in Flex-Fuel Vehicles
Marcelo Shibuya, Irenilza Näas, Mario Neto
Evaluating the Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic System for Hybrid Vehicles as Alternative to Combustion Engine Buses in Big Cities
Emerson Abraham, Sivanilza Machado, Helton Silva, Carla Parizi, João Reis, Helcio Raymundo, Pedro Neto, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Marcos Morais, Antônio Brejão, Cleber Gomes
How to Capture Knowledge from Project Environment?
Nada Matta, Xinghang Dai, François Rauscher, Hassan Atifi, Guillaume Ducellier
Reconfigurable Manufacturing on Multiple Levels: Literature Review and Research Directions
Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
Investigating the Potential in Reconfigurable Manufacturing: A Case-Study from Danish Industry
Ann-Louise Andersen, Thomas Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
Iterative Improvement of Process Planning Within Individual and Small Batch Production
Christina Reuter, Timo Nuyken, Stephan Schmitz, Stefan Dany
Profile of Building Information Modeling – BIM - Tools Maturity in Brazilian Civil Construction Scenery
Samuel Santos, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Miguel González, Creusa Correia
Potential of Building Information Modeling – BIM - Tools Inside Brazilian Civil Construction Scenery
Samuel Santos, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Miguel González, Creusa Correia
Cyber Physical Production Control
Volker Stich, Niklas Hering, Jan Meißner
Proposing a Standard Template for Construction Site Layout: A Case Study of a Norwegian Contractor
Børge Sjøbakk, Lars Skjelstad
Priority Modes of Transport for Soybeans from the Center-West Region in Brazil
Cristina Oliveira, Danilo Castro, Nélio Reis, João Reis, Jair Abe
Social Network Analysis of a Supply Network Structural Investigation of the South Korean Automotive Industry
Jin-Baek Kim
ACD Modeling of Homogeneous Job Shops Having Inline Cells
Hyeonsik Kim, Byoung Choi, Hayong Shin
A Computer-Aided Process Planning Method Considering Production Scheduling
Eiji Morinaga, Hiroki Joko, Hidefumi Wakamatsu, Eiji Arai
Clustering Human Decision-Making in Production and Logistic Systems
Christos Tsagkalidis, Rémy Glardon, Maryam Darvish
Standardization, Commonality, Modularity: A Global Economic Perspective
Clément Chatras, Vincent Giard
Knowledge Sharing Using Product Life Cycle Management
Pham Cuong, Alexandre Durupt, Nada Matta, Benoit Eynard, Guillaume Ducellier
Organizational Capability in Production Scheduling
Emrah Arica, Sven Buer, Jan Strandhagen
Linking Information Exchange to Planning and Control: An Overview
Kasper Kiil, Heidi Dreyer, Hans-Henrik Hvolby
More Than What Was Asked for: Company Specific Competence Programs as Innovation Hothouses
Hanne Finnestrand, Kristoffer Magerøy, Johan Ravn
Prediction of Process Time for Early Production Planning Purposes
Mads Bejlegaard, Thomas Brunoe, Kjeld Nielsen
Information Logistics Means to Support a Flexible Production?
Susanne Altendorfer-Kaiser
Why Do Plant Managers Struggle to Synchronize Production Capacity and Costs with Demand in Face of Volatility and Uncertainty?
Manuel Rippel, Johannes Schmiester, Paul Schönsleben
How to Support Plant Managers in Strategizing Volume-Oriented Changeability in Volatile and Uncertain Times – Deriving Requirements for a Practice-Oriented Approach
Manuel Rippel, Johannes Schmiester, Paul Schönsleben
Job Shop Scheduling with Alternative Machines Using a Genetic Algorithm Incorporating Heuristic Rules -Effectiveness of Due-Date Related Information
Parinya Kaweegitbundit, Toru Eguchi
Big Data Technology for Resilient Failure Management in Production Systems
Volker Stich, Felix Jordan, Martin Birkmeier, Kerem Oflazgil, Jan Reschke, Anna Diews
Selection of Molding Method for CFRP Automotive Body Parts - Resin Injection vs. Compression
Yuji Kageyama, Kenju Akai, Nariaki Nishino, Kazuro Kageyama
Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Network Applied in Breast Cancer Diagnosis Support
Fábio Amaral, Jair Abe, Alexandre Cadim, Caique Kirilo, Carlos Baltazar, Fábio Pereira, Hélio Araújo, Henry Ungaro, Lauro Castro Tomiatti, Luiz Lozano, Renan Santos Tampellini, Renato Parreira, Uanderson Celestino, Rafael Santo, Cristina Oliveira

Project Management, Engineering Management, and Quality Management

Start of Production in Low-Volume Manufacturing Industries: Disturbances and Solutions
Siavash Javadi, Jessica Bruch
Improving Service Quality in Public Transportation in Brazil: How Bus Companies are Simplifying Quality Management Systems and Strategic Planning to Increase Service Level?
Helcio Raymundo, João Dos Reis, Pedro Costa Neto, Oduvaldo Vendrametto, Emerson Abraham, Marcos Morais, Carla Parizi, Sivanilza Machado, Helton Silva, Antônio Brejão
A Study on the Effect of Dirt on an Inspection Surface on Defect Detection in Visual Inspection Utilizing Peripheral Vision
Ryosuke Nakajima, Yuta Asano, Takuya Hida, Toshiyuki Matsumoto
The Main Problems in the Design and Management of MOOCs
Luis Bezerra, Márcia Silva
Assessing the Relationship Between Commodity Chains: Ethanol, Corn and Chicken Meat
Eder Ferragi, Irenilza Nääs
Information Quality in PLM: A Product Design Perspective
Stefan Wellsandt, Thorsten Wuest, Karl Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Managing Evolving Global Operations Networks
Alona Mykhaylenko, Brian Wæhrens, John Johansen
Production Cost Analysis and Production Planning for Plant Factories Considering Markets
Nobuhiro Sugimura, Koji Iwamura, Nguyen Thinh, Kousuke Nakai, Seisuke Fukumoto, Yoshitaka Tanimizu
Enhancing an Integrative Course in Industrial Engineering and Management via Realistic Socio-technical Problems and Serious Game Development
Nick Szirbik, Christine Pelletier, Vincent Velthuizen
Performing Supply Chain Design in Three-Dimensional Concurrent Engineering: Requirements and Challenges
Ottar Bakås, Kristoffer Magerøy, Børge Sjøbakk, Maria Thomassen
Learning Evaluation Using Non-classical Logics
Genivaldo Silva, Jair Abe
Scrum as Method for Agile Project Management Outside of the Product Development Area
Ronny Weinreich, Norbert Neumann, Ralph Riedel, Egon Müller
A Behaviour Model for Risk Assessment of Complex Systems Based on HAZOP and Coloured Petri Nets
Damiano Arena, Dimitris Kiritsis, Natalia Trapani
Importance of Bidimensional Data Matrix Code Against Medicine Counterfeiting
André Lira Muniz, Marcelo Nogueira, Jair Abe
“The Fast and the Fantastic” Time-Cost Trade-Offs in New Product Development vs. Construction Projects
Youcef Zidane, Asbjørn Rolstadås, Agnar Johansen, Anandasivakumar Ekambaram, Pavan Sriram
Introducing Engineering Concepts to Secondary Education Through the Application of Pedagogical Scenarios in “Manuskills” Project
Maria Margoudi, Dimitris Kiritsis

Sustainability and Production Management

Energy Value-Stream Mapping a Method to Visualize Waste of Time and Energy
Rainer Schillig, Timo Stock, Egon Müller
Job-Shop like Manufacturing System with Time Dependent Energy Threshold and Operations with Peak Consumption
Sylverin Kemmoé-Tchomté, Damien Lamy, Nikolay Tchernev
Environmental Management Practices for the Textile Sector
Barbara Resta, Stefano Dotti, Albachiara Boffelli, Paolo Gaiardelli
Life Cycle Assessment Electricity Generation from Landfill in São Paulo City
Marise Gomes, José Sacomano, Fabio Papalardo, Alexandre Silva
Improving Factory Resource and Energy Efficiency: The FREE Toolkit
Mélanie Despeisse, Steve Evans
Social Environmental Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry Suppliers
Hamilton Vista, Fábio Shibao, Geraldo Oliveira Neto, Lúcio Costabile, Marcelo Shibuya, Oduvaldo Vendrametto
Power Optimization in Photovoltaic Panels Through the Application of Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic Eτ
Álvaro Prado, Marcelo Nogueira, Jair Abe, Ricardo Machado
Flexible Ethanol Production: Energy from Sugarcane Bagasse Might Help the Sustainability of Biofuels
Marcelo Shibuya, Irenilza Alencar Näas, Mario Neto
Integrated Energy Value Analysis: A New Approach
L. Bettoni, L. Mazzoldi, I. Ferretti, L. Zavanella, S. Zanoni
An Integrated Production Planning Model with Obsolescence and Lifecycle Considerations in a Reverse Supply Chain
Swee Kuik, Toshiya Kaihara, Nobutada Fujii, Daisuke Kokuryo
Cradle to Cradle Products, Modularity and Closed Loop Supply Chains
Kjeld Nielsen, Thomas Brunoe
Factors for Effective Learning in Production Networks to Improve Environmental Performance
Alexander Schurig, Mélanie Despeisse, Eric Unterberger, Steve Evans, Gunther Reinhart
Investments in Energy Efficiency with Variable Demand: SEC’s Shifting or Flattening?
Beatrice Marchi, Simone Zanoni
Analysis of Manual Work with 3D Cameras
Martin Benter, Hermann Lödding
Individuals’ Perception of Which Materials are Most Important to Recycle
Marcus Bjelkemyr, Sasha Shahbazi, Christina Jönsson, Magnus Wiktorsson
Formulation of Relationship Between Productivity and Energy Consumption in Manufacturing System
Takayuki Kobayashi, Makoto Yamaguchi, Hironori Hibino



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