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Open Source Systems
Vladimir Ivanov, Artem Kruglov, Sergey Masyagin, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi
Front Matter
The Ecosystem of openKONSEQUENZ, A User-Led Open Source Foundation
Bettina Schwab, Dirk Riehle, Ann Barcomb, Nikolay Harutyunyan
The Development of Data Collectors in Open-Source System for Energy Efficiency Assessment
Daniel Atonge, Vladimir Ivanov, Artem Kruglov, Ilya Khomyakov, Andrey Sadovykh, Dragos Strugar, Giancarlo Succi, Xavier Vasquez, Evgeny Zouev
Challenges of Tracking and Documenting Open Source Dependencies in Products: A Case Study
Andreas Bauer, Nikolay Harutyunyan, Dirk Riehle
An Empirical Investigation of Sentiment Analysis of the Bug Tracking Process in Libre Office Open Source Software
Apostolos Kritikos, Theodoros Venetis, Ioannis Stamelos
Emotional Contagion in Open Software Collaborations
Luigi Benedicenti
An Open Source Solution for Smart Contract-Based Parking Management
Nikolay Buldakov, Timur Khalilev, Salvatore Distefano, Manuel Mazzara
Using Open Source Libraries in the Development of Control Systems Based on Machine Vision
Vasiliy Kruglov
An Empirical Analysis of the Maintainability Evolution of Open Source Systems
Gerta Kapllani, Ilya Khomyakov, Ruzilya Mirgalimova, Alberto Sillitti
Development of Cloud-Based Microservices to Decision Support System
Konstantin Aksyonov, Olga Aksyonova, Anna Antonova, Elena Aksyonova, Polina Ziomkovskaya
Using of Open-Source Technologies for the Design and Development of a Speech Processing System Based on Stemming Methods
Andrey Tarasiev, Margarita Filippova, Konstantin Aksyonov, Olga Aksyonova, Anna Antonova
Combining Two Modelling Approaches: GQM and KAOS in an Open Source Project
Nursultan Askarbekuly, Andrey Sadovykh, Manuel Mazzara
An XQuery Specification for Requests with Preferences on XML Databases
Maurice Tchoupé Tchendji, Patrik Kenfack
The Strategic Technical Debt Management Model: An Empirical Proposal
Paolo Ciancarini, Daniel Russo
How the Cathedral Embraced the Bazaar, and the Bazaar Became a Cathedral
Terhi Kilamo, Valentina Lenarduzzi, Tuukka Ahoniemi, Ari Jaaksi, Jurka Rahikkala, Tommi Mikkonen
An Open Source Environment for an Agile Development Model
Paolo Ciancarini, Marcello Missiroli, Francesco Poggi, Daniel Russo
InnoMetrics Dashboard: The Design, and Implementation of the Adaptable Dashboard for Energy-Efficient Applications Using Open Source Tools
Shokhista Ergasheva, Vladimir Ivanov, Ilya Khomyakov, Artem Kruglov, Dragos Strugar, Giancarlo Succi
Using FLOSS for Storing, Processing and Linking Corpus Data
Damir Mukhamedshin, Olga Nevzorova, Alexander Kirillovich
MegaM@Rt2 EU Project: Open Source Tools for Mega-Modelling at Runtime of CPSs
Jesus Gorroñogoitia Cruz, Andrey Sadovykh, Dragos Truscan, Hugo Bruneliere, Pierluigi Pierini, Lara Lopez Muñiz
.NET Runtime and Tools for Tizen Operating System
Alexander Soldatov, Gleb Balykov, Anton Zhukov, Elena Shapovalova, Evgeny Pavlov
Energy Efficient Software Development Process Evaluation for MacOS Devices
Shokhista Ergasheva, Dragos Strugar, Artem Kruglov, Giancarlo Succi


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