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Product Lifecycle Management to Support Industry 4.0
Paolo Chiabert, Abdelaziz Bouras, Frédéric Noël, José Ríos
Front Matter

Building Information Modeling

Mixed Reality Tools as an Enabler for Improving Operation and Maintenance in Small and Medium Enterprises
Harry Whiskard, David Jones, Steve Voller, Chris Snider, James Gopsill, Ben Hicks
A Three-Step BIM Implementation Framework for the SME Contractors
Arman Kouch
Environmental Factors on Concept Maps Design
Daniela Oliveira, Mickaël Gardoni, Kimiz Dalkir
A Conceptual Framework for Personalization of Indoor Comfort Parameters Based on Office Workers’ Preferences
Saeed Mirzaeifar, Pedram Daee, Vishal Singh
Development of a Digital Platform Based on the Integration of Augmented Reality and BIM for the Management of Information in Construction Processes
Alice Schweigkofler, Gabriele Monizza, Erdal Domi, Andrei Popescu, Julia Ratajczak, Carmen Marcher, Michael Riedl, Dominik Matt
All-Automatic 3D BIM Modeling of Existing Buildings
D. Benarab, W. Derigent, D. Brie, V. Bombardier, and A. Thomas
Configuration Views from PLM to Building Lifecycle Management
Carla Biccari, Giovanna Mangialardi, Mariangela Lazoi, Angelo Corallo
Model-Based Systems Engineering and Through-Life Information Management in Complex Construction
Yu Chen, Julie Jupp
InBookModE: An Interactive Book and Model Environment to Link BIM and AEC Education
Vishal Singh
PLM and BIM approach to support information management in nuclear decommissioning: a synthesis
Vincent Cheutet, Aicha Sekhari, Nathalie Corbeaux

Collaborative Environments and New Product Development

A Discussion on Current Issues for Semantic Interoperability in an Integrated Product Development Process
Athon Moura Leite, Anderson Szejka, Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Rafael Annunziato
Current Issues in Multiple Domain Semantic Reconciliation for Ontology-Driven Interoperability in Product Design and Manufacture
Anderson Szejka, Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Lucy Yoshida, Matheus Canciglieri
A Consumer Centric VMI Methodology for a Collaborative Supply Chain Model – An Answer to Demand Volatility
Abhro Choudhury, Nicolas Maranzana, Frédéric Segonds, Sandrine Gautier
Goal-Oriented Approach to Enable New Business Models for SME Using Smart Products
Jan Hicking, Violett Zeller, Günther Schuh
Sustainability of Cascading Product Lifecycles: The Need for Adaptive Management to End-of-Life Supply Chains
Matthias Kalverkamp, Alexandra Pehlken, Thorsten Wuest, Steven Young
How Food Companies Manage Their Innovation Process: A Multinational Food Company Point of View
Claudia Pinna, Monica Rossi, Sergio Terzi
Product Lifecycle Management Strategy for the Definition and Design Process of Face Implants Oriented to Specific Patients
Cristian Ardila-Mejia, Clara Isabel López Gualdrón, Javier Mauricio Martínez Gómez

PLM for Digital Factories and Cyber Physical Systems

Implementation of “Digital Twin” Concept for Modern Project-Based Engineering Education
S. Nikolaev, M. Gusev, D. Padalitsa, E. Mozhenkov, S. Mishin, I. Uzhinsky
Digital Twin Requirements in the Context of Industry 4.0
Luiz Durão, Sebastian Haag, Reiner Anderl, Klaus Schützer, Eduardo Zancul
Is Openness Really Free? A Critical Analysis of Switching Costs for Industrial Internet Platforms
Karan Menon, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Thorsten Wuest, Timo Seppälä
A Case Study in Learning Factories for Real-Time Reconfiguration of Assembly Systems Through Computational Design and Cyber-Physical Systems
G. Pasetti Monizza, R. Rojas, E. Rauch, M. Ruiz Garcia, D. Matt
How Digital Twins Enable the Next Level of PLM – A Guide for the Concept and the Implementation in the Internet of Everything Era
Christian Voell, Prodip Chatterjee, Andreas Rauch, Julius Golovatchev
Uzbekistan Towards Industry 4.0. Defining the Gaps Between Current Manufacturing Systems and Industry 4.0
Ikrom Kambarov, Gianluca D’antonio, Khurshid Aliev, Paolo Chiabert, Jamshid Inoyatkhodjaev
Towards Cloud Based Collaborative Design – Analysis in Digital PLM Environment
Siddharth Sharma, Frédéric Segonds, Nicolas Maranzana, Damien Chasset, Vincent Frerebeau

Ontologies and Data Models

A Preliminary Methodological Approach to Models for Manufacturing (MfM)
Fernando Mas, Jesus Racero, Manuel Oliva, Domingo Morales-Palma
A Preliminary Study of Models for Manufacturing (MfM) Applied to Incremental Sheet Forming
Domingo Morales-Palma, Fernando Mas, Jesus Racero, Carpóforo Vallellano
Application of Optimization in the Early Stages of Product Development, Using a Small UAV Case Study
M. Gusev, S. Nikolaev, I. Uzhinsky, D. Padalitsa, E. Mozhenkov
Modeling Manufacturing Resources: An Ontological Approach
Emilio M. Sanfilippo, Sergio Benavent, Stefano Borgo, Nicola Guarino, Nicolas Troquard, Fernando Romero, Pedro Rosado, Lorenzo Solano, Farouk Belkadi, Alain Bernard
Multi-aspect Ontology for Semantic Interoperability in PLM: Analysis of Possible Notations
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov

Education in the Field of Industry 4.0

PLM for Education. The Next Generation of Engineers
Andrés Padillo, Jesus Racero, Jose Molina, Ignacio Eguía
Development of Product Engineering Skills with PLM Applications Through Collaborative Educational Projects
Carlos Vila, Rafael Torres, Santiago Gutiérrez, Amparo Meseguer
Closing the Lifecycle Loop with Installed Base Products
Martin Imboden, Bernhard Fradl, Felix Nyffenegger
A Reference Model for PLM in the Area of Digitization
Felix Nyffenegger, Roman Hänggi, Adrian Reisch
Design for IoT Business Modeling Workshop: A Case Study of Collaborative University–Industry Education Program
Satoshi Goto, Osamu Yoshie, Shigeru Fujimura
Ontology-Based Platform for Sharing Knowledge on Industry 4.0
Giulia Bruno, Dario Antonelli

Product-Service Systems and Smart Products

A Methodological Approach for the Identification of Context-Specific Reconfiguration Options in the PLM-Context
Philipp Savarino, Michael Abramovici, Jens Göbel
What Affect Manufacturers Approaching Servitization: A Case Study in HVAC Industry
Claudio Sassanelli, Giuditta Pezzotta, Fabiana Pirola, Sergio Terzi
Improvement of the Containerized Logistics Performance Using the Unitary Traceability of Smart Logistics Units
S. Wattanakul, S. Henry, L. Bentaha, N. Reeveerakul, Y. Ouzrout
Innovating Performing Arts Management Through a Product Lifecycle Management Approach
Lazoi Mariangela, Marra Manuela, Quarta Lorenzo, Corallo Angelo
The Benefits and Impact of Digital Twins in Product Development Phase of PLM
Ilkka Donoghue, Lea Hannola, Jorma Papinniemi, Aki Mikkola
Does End of Life Matter in Smart Cities?
Ahmed Hefnawy, Abdel Aziz Bouras, Chantal Cherifi

Lean Organization for Industry 4.0

How to Manage People Underutilization in an Industry 4.0 Environment?
Gianluca D’antonio, Paolo Chiabert
Possibilities of Maintenance Service Process Analyses and Improvement Through Six Sigma, Lean and Industry 4.0 Implementation
Katarzyna Antosz, Dorota Stadnicka
Towards a Smart Manufacturing Toolkit for SMEs
Sameer Mittal, David Romero, Thorsten Wuest
Optimization of Multi-part 3D Printing Build Strategies for Lean Product and Process Development
Nicola Garzaniti, Alessandro Golkar, Clément Fortin
Perceived Risks and Benefits of Advanced Pay-Per-Use Type of Business Models Based on Industry 4.0 Enabled Technologies in Manufacturing Companies
Mikko Uuskoski, Karan Menon, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Kari Koskinen
A Customizable Lean Design Methodology for Maritime
Brendan Sullivan, Monica Rossi, Sergio Terzi

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing

Investigating the Evolving Knowledge Structures in New Technology Development
J. Gopsill, P. Shakespeare, C. Snider, L. Newnes, B. Hicks
Multicriteria Evaluation Method in PLM Environment: A Pilot Study
Kévin Audoux, Floriane Laverne, Gianluca D’antonio, Frédéric Segonds, Olivier Kerbrat, Paolo Chiabert, Améziane Aoussat
How the ALIENNOR Platform Supports the Identification of Eco-Ideation Stimulation Mechanisms During an Eco-Ideation Phase
Cong Cuong Pham, Flore Vallet, Benjamin Tyl, Olivier Pialot, Benoit Eynard
Preserving Design Intent in Feature-Based Parametric CAD Data Exchange
Jullius Cho, Detlef Gerhard
Design of Self-assessment Tools to Measure Industry 4.0 Readiness. A Methodological Approach for Craftsmanship SMEs
R. Brozzi, R. D’amico, G. Pasetti Monizza, C. Marcher, M. Riedl, D. Matt
The Methodological Challenges Related to Assess the Outcomes of Knowledge Management Initiatives: The Case of Communities of Practice
Patrick Mbassegue, Mickaël Gardoni

PLM Infrastructure and Implementation

Developing Key Performance Indicators for Shipbuilding PLM
Sehyun Myung
Engineering Project Health Monitoring: Application of Automatic, Real-Time Analytics to PDM Systems
Chris Snider, James Gopsill, David Jones, Ben Hicks
Robot Interaction Through Smart Contract for Blockchain-Based Coalition Formation
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Teslya
Knowledge Capture and Reuse Through Expert’s Activity Monitoring in Engineering Design
Harvey Rowson, Matthieu Bricogne, Lionel Roucoules, Alexandre Durupt, Benoit Eynard
Machine Vision Systems for Industrial Quality Control Inspections
Ricardo Silva, Marcelo Rudek, Anderson Szejka, Osiris Junior
Improving the Innovation Process by Harnessing the Usage of Content Management Tools Coupled with Visualization Tools
Houcine Dammak, Mickaël Gardoni

PLM Maturity, Implementation and Adoption

Product Lifecycle Management Maturity Models in Industry 4.0
Kássio Santos, Eduardo Freitas Rocha Loures, Osiris Junior, Eduardo Santos
Understanding PLM and PLM Customizing: A Theoretical Fundament for a Conceptual Approach
Ezgi Venghaus (sucuoglu), Rainer Stark
PLM in SME, What Are We Missing? An Alternative View on PLM Implementation for SME
Bas Koomen
PLM Competencies Analysis Based on Industry Demand
Mourad Messaadia, Samir Ouchani, Anne Louis

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

A New Methodology of Constructing Products Using Additive Manufacturing Technology: Case Study of a Push Button
Konstantinos Bailas, Paraskevas Papanikos
Linkographic Analysis of Design Ideation Session: Idea Graph Representation and Additional Tools for Analysis
Abdellatif Dkhil, Mickaël Gardoni, Lamine Belgacem, Remy Houssin
Development of a Concept for a Holistic Knowledge-Based Additive Manufacturing over the Entire Lifecycle
Cordula Auth, Alexander Arndt, Reiner Anderl
TEAM: A Tool for Eco Additive Manufacturing to Optimize Environmental Impact in Early Design Stages
Laverne Floriane, Bottacini Enrico, Segonds Frédéric, Perry Nicolas, D’antonio Gianluca, Chiabert Paolo
A Review of Integrated Approaches for Material, Design and Process Selection and a Proposal for the AM Processes
Manuela Galati, Flaviana Calignano, Luca Iuliano

Modular Design and Products and Configuration and Change Management

A Dynamic Contextual Change Management Application for Real Time Decision-Making Support
Widad Es-Soufi, Esma Yahia, Lionel Roucoules
An Integrated Tool for the Optimization and Simulation of Hybrid Product-Process Layouts
Gianluca D’antonio, Paolo Chiabert
A Causal Dependencies Identification and Modelling Approach for Redesign Process
Thierno Diallo, Marc Zolghadri
Information Systems Simulation for Performance Evaluation - Application in Aircraft Maintenance
Yinling Liu, Tao Wang, Haiqing Zhang, Vincent Cheutet


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