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Product Lifecycle Management and the Industry of the Future
José Ríos, Alain Bernard, Abdelaziz Bouras, Sebti Foufou
Front Matter

PLM Maturity, Implementation and Adoption

Set Based PLM Implementation, a Modular Approach to PLM Process Knowledge, Management and Automation
Bas Koomen
PLM Adoption Model for SMEs
Mourad Messaadia, Fatah Benatia, David Baudry, Anne Louis
Maturity Models and Tools for Enabling Smart Manufacturing Systems: Comparison and Reflections for Future Developments
Anna Carolis, Marco Macchi, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Michael Brundage, Sergio Terzi
A Federated Enterprise Architecture and MBSE Modeling Framework for Integrating Design Automation into a Global PLM Approach
Thomas Vosgien, Eugen Rigger, Martin Schwarz, Kristina Shea
PLM Customizing: Results of a Qualitative Study with Industrial Experts
Ezgi Sucuoglu, Konrad Exner, Rainer Stark
The Challenges of Adopting PLM Tools Involving Diversified Technologies in the Automotive Supply Chain
Joseph Zammit, James Gao, Richard Evans
Twenty Years of PLM – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Urs Meier, Florian Fischli, Anita Sohrweide, Felix Nyffenegger

PLM for Digital Factories

PLM 4.0 – Recalibrating Product Development and Management for the Era of Internet of Everything (IoE)
Julius Golovatchev, Prodip Chatterjee, Florian Kraus, Roger Schüssl
Role of Openness in Industrial Internet Platform Providers’ Strategy
Karan Menon, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Thorsten Wuest
Value Chain: From iDMU to Shopfloor Documentation of Aeronautical Assemblies
Manuel Oliva, Jesús Racero, Domingo Morales-Palma, Carmelo Valle, Fernando Mas
Agent Based Framework to Support Manufacturing Problem Solving Integrating Product Lifecycle Management and Case-Based Reasoning
Alvaro Camarillo, José Ríos, Klaus-Dieter Althoff
PLM-MES Integration to Support Industry 4.0
Gianluca D’antonio, Lisa Macheda, Joel Sauza Bedolla, Paolo Chiabert

PLM and Process Simulation

Towards Cloud in a PLM Context: A Proposal of Cloud Based Design and Manufacturing Methodology
Hussein Khlifi, Abhro Choudhury, Siddharth Sharma, Frederic Segonds, Nicolas Maranzana, Damien Chasset, Vincent Frerebeau
Flexible Best Fit Assembly of Large Aircraft Components. Airbus A350 XWB Case Study
Rebeca Arista, Hugo Falgarone
An Integrated Framework for Simulation and Analysis of Manual Assembly Process
Kyung-Hee Lee, Jong Lee, Kyoung-Yun Kim, Sang-Do Noh, Sung-Jun Kang, Doo-Myun Lee
Analysis of the Robustness of Production Scheduling in Aeronautical Manufacturing Using Simulation: A Case Study
R. Pulido, T. Borreguero-Sanchidrián, A. García-Sánchez, M. Ortega-Mier
Development of a Part Criticality Index in Inventory Management
Clint Saidy, Liudas Panavas, Ramy Harik, Abdel-Moez Bayoumi, Joseph Khoury

PLM, CAX and Knowledge Management

Cost Estimation Aided Software for Machined Parts: An Hybrid Model Based on PLM Tools and Data
Marc-Antoine Michaud, Roland Maranzana
Transformable product formal definition with its implementation in CAD tools
Elise Gruhier, Robin Kromer, Frederic Demoly, Nicolas Perry, Samuel Gomes
Empty Space Modelling for Detecting Spatial Conflicts Across Multiple Design Domains
Arun Singh, B. Gurumoorthy, Latha Christie
Design and Development of Orthopedic Implants Through PLM Strategies
Andrea Patricia Murillo Bohórquez, Clara Isabel López Gualdrón, Javier Mauricio Martínez Gómez
Digitization and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Products
Abdelhak Belhi, Sebti Foufou, Abdelaziz Bouras, Abdul Sadka
Towards Modelling and Standardisation Techniques for Railway Infrastructure
Chen Zheng, Samir Assaf, Benoît Eynard
A Process Mining Based Approach to Support Decision Making
Widad Es-Soufi, Esma Yahia, Lionel Roucoules

PLM and Education

PLM in Engineering Education: A Pilot Study for Insights on Actual and Future Trends
Joel Sauza Bedolla, Gianluca D’antonio, Frédéric Segonds, Paolo Chiabert
Preliminary Study on Workshop Facilitation for IoT Innovation as Industry-University Collaboration PLM Program for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Satoshi Goto, Osamu Yoshie, Shigeru Fujimura, Kin’ya Tamaki
PLM in Education – The Escape from Boredom
Bernhard Fradl, Anita Sohrweide, Felix Nyffenegger


BIM-FM and Information Requirements Management: Missing Links in the AEC and FM Interface
Julie Jupp, Ramsey Awad
Automating Conventional Compliance Audit Processes
Johannes Dimyadi, Robert Amor
From Traditional Construction Industry Process Management to Building Lifecycle Management
Ada Malagnino, Giovanna Mangialardi, Giorgio Zavarise, Angelo Corallo
BIM and PLM Associations in Current Literature
Giovanna Mangialardi, Carla Biccari, Claudio Pascarelli, Mariangela Lazoi, Angelo Corallo
What Do Students and Professionals Think of BIM Competence?
Manish Yakami, Vishal Singh, Sunil Suwal

Cyber-Physical Systems

Lean Thinking in the Digital Era
Elisa Negri, Daryl Powell, Sergio Terzi, Laura Cattaneo, Monica Rossi
The Evolution of the V-Model: From VDI 2206 to a System Engineering Based Approach for Developing Cybertronic Systems
Martin Eigner, Thomas Dickopf, Hristo Apostolov
Replacement of Parts by Part Agents to Promote Reuse of Mechanical Parts
Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Atsushi Nagasawa, Yuki Fukumashi, Yoshinori Fukunaga
Role of VR Throughout the Life of Low Volume Products Towards Digital Extended Enterprises
Simo-Pekka Leino, Antti Pulkkinen, Juha-Pekka Anttila
Storytelling Platform for Virtual Museum Development: Lifecycle Management of an Exhibition
Chaowanan Khundam, Frédéric Noël

Modular Design and Products

Automatic Configuration of Modularized Products
Joel Sauza-Bedolla, Stefano Amato, Alfredo Fantetti, Andrea Radaelli, Alex Saja, Gianluca D’antonio, Paolo Chiabert
Deployment of Product Configurators: Analysis of Impacts Within and Outside the User Company
Gianluca D’antonio, Sara Mottola, Giovanni Prencipe, Arianna Brusin, Joel Sauza Bedolla, Paolo Chiabert
Secure Modular Design of Configurable Products
Henk Pels
Modular Architectures Management with PLM for the Adaptation of Frugal Products to Regional Markets
Farouk Belkadi, Ravi Gupta, Stéphane Natalizio, Alain Bernard
A Multi-leveled ANP-LCA Model for the Selection of Sustainable Design Options
Manel Sansa, Ahmed Badreddine, Taieb Ben Romdhane

New Product Development

Towards Smart Product Lifecycle Management with an Integrated Reconfiguration Management
Michael Abramovici, Jens Göbel, Philipp Savarino, Philip Gebus
CAD Assembly Retrieval and Browsing
Matteo Rucco, Katia Lupinetti, Franca Giannini, Marina Monti, Jean-Philippe Pernot
Analysing Product Development Process and PLM Features in the Food and Fashion Industries
Elisa D’avolio, Claudia Pinna, Romeo Bandinelli, Sergio Terzi, Rinaldo Rinaldi
Applying Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle Management to Enable Fact Based Design of Boats
Moritz Stietencron, Karl Hribernik, Carl Røstad, Bjørnar Henriksen, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Impact of PLM System in the New Food Development Process Performances: An Empirical Research
Claudia Pinna, Laureline Plo, Monica Rossi, Vincent Robin, Sergio Terzi
Implementing Total Lifecycle Product Sustainability Through True Lean Thinking
M. Maginnis, B. Hapuwatte, I. Jawahir

Ontologies, Knowledge and Data Models

A Methodological Framework for Ontology-Driven Instantiation of Petri Net Manufacturing Process Models
Damiano Arena, Dimitris Kiritsis
Engineering Knowledge Extraction for Semantic Interoperability Between CAD, KBE and PLM Systems
Jullius Cho, Thomas Vosgien, Detlef Gerhard
Towards a Proactive Interoperability Solution in Systems of Information Systems: A PLM Perspective
Zoubida Afoutni, Julien Le-Duigou, Marie-Hélène Abel, Benoît Eynard
Design and Implementation of a Prototype for Information Exchange in Digital Manufacturing Processes in Aerospace Industry
Andrés Padillo, Jesús Racero, Manuel Oliva, Fernando Mas
Study of Data Structures and Tools for the Concurrent Conceptual Design of Complex Space Systems
Clément Fortin, Grant Mcsorley, Dominik Knoll, Alessandro Golkar, Ralina Tsykunova
Data Model in PLM System to Support Product Traceability
Dharmendra Mishra, Aicha Sekhari, Sébastien Henry, Yacine Ouzrout
Deriving Information from Sensor Data
Marco Lewandowski, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Context of Text: Concepts for Recognizing Context of Acquired Knowledge from Documents
N. Madhusudanan, B. Gurumoorthy, Amaresh Chakrabarti
Knowledge Modelling for an Electrical PLM System in Aeronautics
Christophe Merlo, Éric Villeneuve, Sébastien Bottecchia, Pierre Diaz
Development of a Smart Assembly Data Model
Luiz Durão, Sebastian Haag, Reiner Anderl, Klaus Schützer, Eduardo Zancul
Managing Maturity States in a Collaborative Platform for the iDMU of Aeronautical Assembly Lines
Domingo Morales-Palma, Ignacio Eguía, Manuel Oliva, Fernando Mas, Carpóforo Vallellano

Product, Service, Systems (PSS)

The Design for Product Service Supportability (DfPSSu) Methodology: Generating Sector-Specific Guidelines and Rules to Improve Product Service Systems (PSSs)
Claudio Sassanelli, Giuditta Pezzotta, Roberto Sala, Angelos Koutopes, Sergio Terzi
Secure Concept for Online Trading of Technology Data in Global Manufacturing Market
Ghaidaa Shaabany, Simon Frisch, Reiner Anderl
Changing Information Management in Product-Service System PLM: Customer-Oriented Strategy
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Andreas Oroszi, Mario Sinko, Thorsten Krebs
A Method for Lifecycle Design of Product/Service Systems Using PLM Software
Tomohiko Sakao, Yang Liu, Rolf Gustafsson, Gabriel Thörnblad
Defining a PSS Lifecycle Management System: Main Characteristics and Architectural Impacts
Giuditta Pezzotta, Mariangela Lazoi, Roberto Sala, Fabiana Pirola, Antonio Margarito, Lorenzo Quarta



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