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Table of Contents
Culture, Technology, Communication. Common World, Different Futures
José Abdelnour-Nocera, Michele Strano, Charles Ess, Maja Van Der Velden, Herbert Hrachovec
Front Matter
On Persuading an OvaHerero Community to Join the Wikipedia Community
Mark Mushiba, Peter Gallert, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
Cultures of Science and Technology in the Trading Zone: Biodiversity and Open Source Development
Lorna Heaton, Patrícia Dias da Silva
Design as Regulation
Maja Velden
Exploring the Contribution of Design to Mobile Technology Uptake in a Remote Region of Australia
Fiona Brady, Laurel Dyson
Technologies as a Means, Meetings as an End: Urban Interactions of a Migrant Community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mobilized Through WhatsApp
Robson Silva Braga
Innovation Processes in Indigenous Communities in the North - Cultural, Psychological and Technological Knowledge in Practice
Eva Schjetne, Synnøve Andersen
Reconceptualising Personas Across Cultures: Archetypes, Stereotypes & Collective Personas in Pastoral Namibia
Daniel Cabrero, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, José Abdelnour-Nocera
Communicative Ecologies and the Value of MyFireWatch to the Community of Kununurra
Lelia Green, Donell Holloway
Ludic Re-enchantment and the Power of Locative Games: A Case Study of the Game Ingress
Suely Fragoso, Breno Reis



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