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Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations
Richard Chbeir, Yannis Manolopoulos, Ilias Maglogiannis, Reda Alhajj (Eds.)
Front Matter

Image Processing and Analysis

Content Based Image Retrieval and Its Application to Product Recognition
Petros Alvanitopoulos, Andrian Moroi, George Bagropoulos, Kieran Dundon
Uncertainty Estimation for Improving Accuracy of Non-rigid Registration in Cardiac Images
Samaneh Mazaheri, Puteri Sulaiman, Rahmita Wirza, Mohd Dimon, Fatimah Khalid, Rohollah Tayebi
Multi-pose Volume Reconstruction Across Arbitrary Trajectory from Multiple Fisheye Cameras
Konstantina Kottari, Konstantinos Delibasis
Automated Detection of Streaks in Dermoscopy Images
K. Delibasis, K. Kottari, I. Maglogiannis
A Novel Image Analysis Methodology for the Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Matrigel Assays and Screeni A Novel Image Analysis Methodology for the Evaluation of Angiogenesis in Matrigel Assays and Screening of Angiogenesis-Modulating Compounds
Ioannis Valavanis, Theodosios Goudas, Maria Michailidou, Ilias Maglogiannis, Heleni Loutrari, Aristotelis Chatziioannou

Sensor Networks

A Distributed Energy-Efficient Algorithm for Cellular Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zohreh Alizadeh, Mohsen Afsharchi, Armin Azar
PSO-Least Squares SVM for Clustering in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Jerzy Martyna
On-Line Fall Detection via Mobile Accelerometer Data
S. Georgakopoulos, S. Tasoulis, I. Maglogiannis, V. Plagianakos

Data Representation and Analysis

Editing Training Sets from Imbalanced Data Using Fuzzy-Rough Sets
Do Nguyen, Keisuke Ogawa, Kazunori Matsumoto, Masayuki Hashimoto
Ordering Spatio-Temporal Sequences to Meet Transition Constraints: Complexity and Framework
Michael Sioutis, Jean-François Condotta, Yakoub Salhi, Bertrand Mazure, David Randell
Fuzzy Historical Graph Pattern Matching A NoSQL Graph Database Approach for Fraud Ring Resolution
Arnaud Castelltort, Anne Laurent
Ultrasonic Data Compression and Analysis During Material Inspection
Thouraya Merazi-Meksen, Malika Boudraa, Bachir Boudraa
Exploiting RDF Open Data Using NoSQL Graph Databases
Bouhali Raouf, Anne Laurent
Global-Support Rational Curve Method for Data Approximation with Bat Algorithm
Andrés Iglesias, Akemi Gálvez, Marta Collantes
Instagram Hashtags as Image Annotation Metadata
Stamatios Giannoulakis, Nicolas Tsapatsoulis

Smart Environments, Agents, and Robots

Scheduling Optimization of Smart Homes Based on Demand Response
Jiawei Zhu, Fabrice Lauri, Abderrafiaa Koukam, Vincent Hilaire
Knowledge-Based Telerehabilitation Monitoring
David Antón, Idoia Berges, Jesús Bermúdez, Alfredo Goñi, Arantza Illarramendi
POMDP Based Action Planning and Human Error Detection
Emilie Jean-Baptiste, Pia Rotshtein, Martin Russell
Improving the Contextual Selection of BDI Plans by Incorporating Situated Experiments
Ahmed-Chawki Chaouche, Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, Jean-Michel Ilié, Djamel Eddine Saïdouni
Design and Material Analysis of Spherical Mobile Robot for Bouncing Mechanism
Muhammad Abdullah, Salmiah Ahmad, Siti Toha

Machine Learning

Layout Synthesis for Symmetrical Facades
Andrés Barco, Elise Vareilles, Michel Aldanondo, Paul Gaborit
Thompson Sampling Guided Stochastic Searching on the Line for Adversarial Learning
Sondre Glimsdal, Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Is Extreme Learning Machine Effective for Multisource Friction Modeling?
Jacek Kabziński

Classification, Clustering, and Reasoning

SAPKOS: Experimental Czech Multi-label Document Classification and Analysis System
Ladislav Lenc, Pavel Král
Multi-Objective Differential Evolution of Evolving Spiking Neural Networks for Classification Proble Multi-Objective Differential Evolution of Evolving Spiking Neural Networks for Classification Problems
Abdulrazak Saleh, Siti Shamsuddin, Haza Hamed
Steady-State Inference in Performance Tests of Refrigeration Compressors Using ANN Ensemble
Cesar Penz, Carlos Flesch, João Rossetto

New Methods and Tools for Big Data

MoVA: A Visual Analytics Tool Providing Insight in the Big Mobile Network Data
Ilias Kalamaras, Stavros Papadopoulos, Anastasios Drosou, Dimitrios Tzovaras
Workflow Coordinated Resources Allocation for Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
Niki Sfika, Konstantinos Manos, Aigli Korfiati, Christos Alexakos, Spiridon Likothanassis
Simulation and Visual Analysis of Neuromusculoskeletal Models and Data
Dimitar Stanev, Panagiotis Moschonas, Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Konstantinos Moustakas
Big Data and Visual Analytics for Building Performance Comparison
Dimosthenis Ioannidis, Angeliki Fotiadou, Stelios Krinidis, George Stavropoulos, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Spiridon Likothanassis
Enhancing Distance Learning Platforms with Social Media Analytics
Oksana Kalita, Aristidis Ilias, George Pavlidis
HCuRMD: Hierarchical Clustering Using Relative Minimal Distances
Charalampos Goulas, Dimitrios Chondrogiannis, Theodoros Xenakis, Alexandros Xenakis, Photis Nanopoulos

Energy Management and Smart Grid

A Generic Ontology-Based Information Model for Better Management
of Microgrids
Khouloud Salameh, Richard Chbeir, Haritza Camblong,
Gilbert Tekli, and Ionel Vechiu
Privacy Preserving Metering Protocol in Smart Grids
Dilan Mert, Mehmet Şimşek, Suat Özdemir
A Practical Approach for Energy Efficient Scheduling in Multicore Environments by Combining Evolutio A Practical Approach for Energy Efficient Scheduling in Multicore Environments by Combining Evolutionary and YDS Algorithms with Faster Energy Estimation
Zorana Banković, Umer Liqat, Pedro López-García



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