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Table of Contents
Information Security Education Across the Curriculum
Bishop Matt, Miloslavskaya Natalia, Theocharidou Marianthi (Eds.)
Front Matter

Innovative Methods

Realism in Teaching Cybersecurity Research: The Agile Research Process
Melissa Dark, Matt Bishop, Richard Linger, Luanne Goldrich
Assurance Cases as a Didactic Tool for Information Security
Roberto Gallo, Ricardo Dahab
Cognitive Task Analysis Based Training for Cyber Situation Awareness
Zequn Huang, Chien-Chung Shen, Sheetal Doshi, Nimmi Thomas, Ha Duong
A Cyber Security Multi Agency Collaboration for Rapid Response that Uses AGILE Methods on an Education Infrastructure
Erik Moore, Dan Likarish

Software Security Education

Cybersecurity Through Secure Software Development
Audun Jøsang, Marte Ødegaard, Erlend Oftedal
Security Injections 2.0: Increasing Engagement and Faculty Adoption Using Enhanced Secure Coding Modules for Lower-Level Programming Courses
Sagar Raina, Blair Taylor, Siddharth Kaza
The Use of Software Design Patterns to Teach Secure Software Design: An Integrated Approach
Johan Niekerk, Lynn Futcher

Tools and Applications for Teaching

Learn to Spot Phishing URLs with the Android NoPhish App
Gamze Canova, Melanie Volkamer, Clemens Bergmann, Roland Borza, Benjamin Reinheimer, Simon Stockhardt, Ralf Tenberg
An Innovative Approach in Digital Forensic Education and Training
Primož Cigoj, Borka Blažič
On Experience of Using Distance Learning Technologies for Teaching Cryptology
Sergey Zapechnikov, Natalia Miloslavskaya, Vladimir Budzko

Syllabus Design

Reflections on the Ethical Content of the IT Honours Program Project Module
Lynette Drevin, Günther Drevin
Professional Competencies Level Assessment for Training of Masters in Information Security
Natalia Miloslavskaya, Alexander Tolstoy
History of Cryptography in Syllabus on Information Security Training
Sergey Zapechnikov, Alexander Tolstoy, Sergey Nagibin



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