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Open Source Systems: Adoption and Impact
Damiani, E., Frati, F., Riehle, D., Wasserman, A.I. (Eds.)
Front matter

Open Source Software Engineering

An Empirical Study of the Relation Between Strong Change Coupling and Defects Using History and Social Metrics in the Apache Aries Project
Igor Wiese, Rodrigo Kuroda, Reginaldo Re, Gustavo Oliva, Marco Gerosa
Scaling and Internationalizing an Agile FOSS Project: Lessons Learned
Stephan Fellhofer, Annemarie Harzl, Wolfgang Slany
How Developers Acquire FLOSS Skills
Ann Barcomb, Michael Grottke, Jan-Philipp Stauffert, Dirk Riehle, Sabrina Jahn

Communication and Collaboration

Implicit Coordination: A Case Study of the Rails OSS Project
Kelly Blincoe, Daniela Damian
The Diffusion of Pastebin Tools to Enhance Communication in FLOSS Mailing Lists
Megan Squire, Amber Smith
Examining Usability Work and Culture in OSS
Mikko Rajanen, Netta Iivari

Examples and Case Studies

On the Availability and Effectiveness of Open Source Software for Digital Signing of PDF Documents
Jonas Gamalielsson, Fredrik Jakobsson, Björn Lundell, Jonas Feist, Tomas Gustavsson, Fredric Landqvist
A Systematic Approach for Evaluating BPM Systems: Case Studies on Open Source and Proprietary Tools
Andrea Delgado, Daniel Calegari, Pablo Milanese, Renatta Falcon, Esteban García
Smart Route Planning Using Open Data and Participatory Sensing
Vivek Nallur, Amal Elgammal, Siobhán Clarke

Adoption, Use, and Impact

A Qualitative Study on the Adoption of Open Source Software in Information Technology Outsourcing Organizations
Lakshmanan Ramanathan, Sundaresan Iyer
Surveying the Adoption of FLOSS by Public Administration Local Organizations
Davide Tosi, Luigi Lavazza, Sandro Morasca, Marco Chiappa
The RISCOSS Platform for Risk Management in Open Source Software Adoption
X. Franch, R. Kenett, F. Mancinelli, A. Susi, D. Ameller, M. Annosi, R. Ben-Jacob, Y. Blumenfeld, O. Franco, D. Gross, L. Lopez, M. Morandini, M. Oriol, A. Siena

Intellectual Property and Legal Issues

First Results About Motivation and Impact of License Changes in Open Source Projects
Robert Viseur, Gregorio Robles
On the Variability of the BSD and MIT Licenses
Trevor Maryka, Daniel German, Germán Poo-Caamaño
The Right to a Contribution: An Exploratory Survey on How Organizations Address It
Germán Poo-Caamaño, Daniel German

OSS 2015 Ph.D. Contest

Open Source Software Ecosystems: Towards a Modelling Framework
Oscar Franco-Bedoya



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