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Technological Innovation for Collective Awareness Systems
Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Nuno S. Barrento, Ricardo Mendonça (Eds.)
Front matter


Towards Collective Awareness Systems
Luis Camarinha-Matos, João Goes, Luis Gomes, João Martins

Collaborative Networks

Negotiation Support in Collaborative Services Design
Ana Oliveira, Luis Camarinha-Matos

Research on Collaborative Processes in Non Hierarchical Manufacturing Networks
Beatriz Andrés, Raul Poler

A Knowledge Management Framework to Support Online Communities Creation
Catarina Lucena, João Sarraipa, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves

Computational Systems

Analysis of Complex Data by Means of Complex Networks
Massimiliano Zanin, Ernestina Menasalvas, Stefano Boccaletti, Pedro Sousa

A Conceptual Model of Farm Management Information System for Decision Support
George Burlacu, Ruben Costa, Joao Sarraipa, Ricardo Jardim-Golcalves, Dan Popescu

Ontology Transformation of Enterprise Architecture Models
Marzieh Bakhshadeh, André Morais, Artur Caetano, José Borbinha

Multi-platform Semantic Representation of Interactive 3D Content
Jakub Flotyński, Krzysztof Walczak

Self-organizing Manufacturing Systems

Performance Assessment in Self-organising Mechatronic Systems: A First Step towards Understanding the Topology Influence in Complex Behaviours
Pedro Neves, Luis Ribeiro, Mauro Onori, José Barata

Assembly Features Utilization to Support Production System Adaptation
Baha Hasan, Mauro Onori, Jan Wikander

A Multi Agent Architecture to Support Self-organizing Material Handling
Andre Rocha, Luis Ribeiro, José Barata

Self-organization Combining Incentives and Risk Management for a Dynamic Service-Oriented Multi-agent System
Nelson Rodrigues, Eugénio Oliveira, Paulo Leitão


Monitoring and Supervision Systems

A Service-Oriented and Holonic Control Architecture to the Reconfiguration of Dispersed Manufacturing Systems
Robson Silva, Mauricio Blos,  Fabrício Junqueira, Diolino Santos Filho, Paulo Miyagi

Mitigation Control of Critical Faults in Production Systems
Jeferson Souza, Diolino Santos Fo, Reinaldo Jr. Squillante, Fabricio Junqueira, Paulo Miyagi

A General Distributed Architecture for Resilient Monitoring over Heterogeneous Networks
Fábio Januário, Alberto Cardoso, Paulo Gil

Advances in Manufacturing

Challenges and Properties for Bio-inspiration in Manufacturing
João Ferreira, Luis Ribeiro, Mauro Onori, José Barata

The ProFlex Methodology: Agile Manufacturing in Practice
Giovanni Orio, José Barata, Carlos Sousa, Luís Flores

Enterprise Competency Modeling - A Case Study
Reza Barenji, Majid Hashemipour

Human-Computer Interfaces

Comparison of Hand Feature Points Detection Methods
Tomasz Grzejszczak, Adam Gałuszka, Michał Niezabitowski, Krystian Radlak

Adaptive Human-Machine-Interface of Automation Systems
Farzan Yazdi Motlagh, Peter Göhner

CARL: A Language for Modelling Contextual Augmented Reality Environments
Dariusz Rumińsk, Krzysztof Walczak

Robotics and Mechatronics

On the Design of a Robotic System Composed of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle and a Piggybacked VTOL
Eduardo Pinto, Pedro Santana, Francisco Marques, Ricardo Mendonça, André Lourenço, José Barata

Tracking a Mobile Robot Position Using Vision and Inertial Sensor
Francisco Coito, António Eleutério, Stanimir Valtchev, Fernando Coito

A Shell-Like Induction Electrical Machine
João Fernandes, P. Branco

Petri Nets

Elementary Events for Modeling of Human-System Interactions with Petri Net Models
José-Inácio Rocha, Octávio Páscoa Dias, Luís Gomes

From SysML State Machines to Petri Nets Using ATL Transformations
Rui Pais, João Barros, Luís Gomes

Strategies to Improve Synchronous Dataflows Analysis Using Mappings between Petri Nets and Dataflows
José-Inácio Rocha, Octávio Páscoa Dias, Luís Gomes

Application of Hypergraphs to SMCs Selection
Łukasz Stefanowicz, Marian Adamski, Remigiusz Wiśniewski, Jakub Lipiński

Multi-energy Systems

Modeling Energy Demand Dependency in Smart Multi-Energy Systems
N. Neyestani, Maziar Damavandi, Miadreza Shafie-Khah, João Catalão

The Distributed Generation as an Important Contribution to Energy Development in Angola and Other Developing African Countries
Joaquim Lima, José Barata, Miguel Fernandez, Angel Montiel

Optimal Operation Planning of Wind-Hydro Power Systems Using a MILP Approach
Paulo Cruz, Hugo Pousinho, Rui Melício, Victor Mendes, Manuel Collares-Pereira

Monitoring and Control in Energy

Distributed Smart Metering by Using Power Electronics Systems
Francisco Navas-Matos, Sara Polo-Gallego, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Maria Milanés-Montero

An Innovator Nonintrusive Method for Disaggregating and Identifying Two Simultaneous Household Loads
Máximo Pérez-Romero, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Adolfo Lozano-Tello, João Martins, Rui Lopes

Distributed MPC for Thermal Comfort in Buildings with Dynamically Coupled Zones and Limited Energy Resources
Filipe Barata, Rui Neves-Silva

Modeling and Simulation in Energy

Amorphous Solar Modules Simulation and Experimental Results: Effect of Shading
Luis Fialho, Rui Melício, Victor Mendes, João Figueiredo, Manuel Collares-Pereira

Simulation of Offshore Wind Turbine Link to the Electric Grid through a Four-Level Converter
Mafalda Seixas, Rui Melício, Victor Mendes

Stochastic Modeling of Plug-In Electric Vehicles’ Parking Lot in Smart Multi-Energy System
Maziar Damavandi, M. Moghaddam, M. Haghifam, Miadreza Shafie-Khah, João Catalão

Optimization Issues in Energy - I

Decision Support in the Investment Analysis on Efficient and Sustainable Street Lighting
J. Lobão, T. Devezas, João Catalão

Optimal Participation of DR Aggregators in Day-Ahead Energy and Demand Response Exchange Markets
Ehsan Heydarian-Forushani, Miadreza Shafie-Khah, Maziar Damavandi, João Catalão

Renewable Power Forecast to Scheduling of Thermal Units
Pedro Fonte, Bruno Santos, Cláudio Monteiro, João Catalão, Fernando Barbosa

Optimization Issues in Energy - II

Optimum Generation Scheduling Based Dynamic Price Making for Demand Response in a Smart Power Grid
Nikolaos Paterakis, Ozan Erdinc, João Catalão, Anastasios Bakirtzis

Application of NSGA-II Algorithm to Multiobjective Optimization of Switching Devices Placement in Electric Power Distribution Systems
António Pombo, Vitor Pires, João Pina

Stochastic Unit Commitment Problem with Security and Emissions Constraints
Rui Laia, Hugo Pousinho, Rui Melício, Victor Mendes, Manuel Collares-Pereira

Operation Issues in Energy - I

Operation Modes of Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles in the Future Smart Grids
Vítor Monteiro, João Ferreira, João Afonso

Power Outage Detection Methods for the Operation of a Shunt Active Power Filter as Energy Backup System
Bruno Exposto, J. Pinto, João Afonso

AC Losses and Material Degradation Effects in a Superconducting Tape for SMES Applications
Nuno Amaro, Ján Šouc, Michal Vojenčiak, João Pina, João Martins, J. Ceballos, Fedor Gömöry

Operation Issues in Energy - II

Active Power Filter with Relay Current Regulator and Common DC Link for Compensation of Harmonic Distortion in Power Grids
Maksim Habibullin, Igor Pavlov, Viktor Mescheryakov, Stanimir Valtchev

Analysis of Power Quality Disturbances in Industry in the Centre Region of Portugal
Licínio Moreira, Sérgio Leitão, Zita Vale, João Galvão, Pedro Marques

Sliding Mode Control of Unified Power Quality Conditioner for 3 Phase 4 Wire Systems
Nelson Santos, J. Silva, João Santana

Transformer and LCL Filter Design for DPFCs
Ivo Martins, J. Silva, Sónia Pinto, Isménio Martinss

Power Conversion

Resonant Power Conversion through a Saturable Reactor
Luis Jorge, Stanimir Valtchev, Fernando Coito

Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for a CMOS Wireless Sensor
Nuno Mancelos, Joana Correia, Luís Pires, Luís Oliveira, João Oliveira

Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Using Modular Marx Power Switches and Series/Parallel Inductor for High-Voltage Applications
Ricardo Luís, J. Silva, José Quadrado, Sónia Pinto, Duarte Mesquita E Sousa

Experimental Study on Induction Heating Equipment Applied in Wireless Energy Transfer for Smart Grids
Rui Neves-Medeiros, Anastassia Krusteva, Stanimir Valtchev, George Gigov, Plamen Avramov


On Quasi-Optimum Detection of Nonlinearly Distorted OFDM Signals
João Guerreiro, Rui Dinis, Paulo Montezuma

UWB System Based on the M-OAM Modulation in IEEE.802.15.3a Channel
Khadija Hamidoun, Raja Elassali, Yassin Elhillali, Khalid Elbaamrani, A. Rivenq, F. Elbahhar

Distributed RSS-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Asynchronous Node Communication
Slavisa Tomic, Marko Beko, Rui Dinis, Miroslava Raspopovic

Practical Assessment of Energy-Based Sensing through Software Defined Radio Devices
Miguel Duarte, Antonio Furtado, M. Luis, Luis Bernardo, Rui Dinis, Rodolfo Oliveira

Electronics: Design

A Top-Down Optimization Methodology for SC Filter Circuit Design Using Varying Goal Specifications
Hugo Serra, Rui Santos-Tavares, Nuno Paulino

Parallel Algorithm of SOI Layout Decomposition for Double Patterning Lithography on High-Performance Computer Platforms
Vladimir Verstov, Vadim Shakhnov, Lyudmila Zinchenko

Assessment of Switch Mode Current Sources for Current Fed LED Drivers
Olegs Tetervenoks, Ilya Galkin

Electronics: RF Applications

RF Synthesizer Loop Filter Design for Minimal OFDM Inter-carrier Interference
Vitor Fialho, Fernando Azevedo, Fernando Fortes, Manuela Vieira

Single-Objective Optimization Methodology for the Design of RF Integrated Inductors
Fábio Passos, Maria Fino, Elisenda Roca

A 0.5 V Ultra-low Power Quadrature Ring Oscillator
João Eusébio, Luís Oliveira, Luís Pires, João Oliveira

Electronics: Devices

Stability Improvements in a Rail-to-Rail Input/Output, Constant Gm Operational Amplifier, at 0.4 V Operation, Using the Low-Voltage DTMOS Technique
Joana Correia, Nuno Mancelos, João Goes

Simple and Complex Logical Functions in a SiC Tandem Device
Vitor Silva, Manuel Vieira, Paula Louro, Manuel Barata, Manuela Vieira

Simulation in Amorphous Silicon and Amorphous Silicon Carbide Pin Diodes
Dora Gonçalves, Miguel Fernandes, Paula Louro, Alessandro Fantoni, Manuela Vieira

Touch Interactive Matrix LED Display for the Collective Awareness Ecosystem
Fábio Querido, João Oliveira

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