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Table of Contents
Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems
Svetan Ratchev (Ed.)
Front Matter

Micro Assembly Processes and Systems

Development of a Micro-scale Assembly Facility with a Three Fingered, Self-aware Assembly Tool and Electro-chemical Etching Capabilities
Jacob Chesna, Stuart Smith, D. Hastings, Borja Maza, Bartoz Nowakowski, Feilong Lin
Semi-automated Assembly of a MEMS-Based Micro-scale CMM Probe and Future Optimization of the Process Chain with a View to Desktop Factory Automation
James Claverley, Arne Burisch, Richard Leach, Annika Raatz
Design, Fabrication and Testing of Assembly Features for Enabling Sub-micron Accurate Passive Alignment of Photonic Chips on a Silicon Optical Bench
J. Gurp, Marcel Tichem, U. Staufer
Parallel Packaging of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Using Self-alignment
Jens Taprogge, Felix Beyeler, Alexander Steinecker, Bradley Nelson
Processes for the Self-assembly of Micro Parts
Matthias Burgard, Norbert Schläfli, Uwe Mai
Precisely Assembled Multi Deflection Arrays – Key Components for Multi Shaped Beam Lithography
Matthias Mohaupt, Erik Beckert, Thomas Burkhardt, Marcel Hornaff, Christoph Damm, Ramona Eberhardt, Andreas Tünnermann, Hans-Joachim Döring, Klaus Reimer

Handling and Manipulation in Assembly

Construction Kit for Miniaturised Handling Systems: Further Developments and First Applications
Andreas Hoch, Matthias Haag, Samuel Härer
Flexible Gripper System for Small Optical Assemblies – Final Tests and Findings
Timo Prusi, Riku Heikkilä, T. Ha, J. Song, C. Lee, Reijo Tuokko
Handling and Manipulation of Microcomponents: Work-Cell Design and Preliminary Experiments
Serena Ruggeri, Gianmauro Fontana, Claudia Pagano, Irene Fassi, Giovanni Legnani
Adhesive Workpiece Fixturing for Micromachining
Philipp Blumenthal, Annika Raatz
Dual-Stage Feed Drive for Precision Positioning on Milling Machine
Hendra Syahputra, Hyeon Yang, Byeong Chung, Tae Ko
High Resolution Actuators for Severe Environments
Christian Belly, Mathieu Bagot, Frank Claeyssen

Tolerance Management and Error Compensation Methods

Tolerance Management for Assembly – Not a Matter of Product Size
Rainer Müller, Martin Esser, Christian Janßen, Matthias Vette, Stefan Quinders
Modelling and Analysis of the Geometrical Errors of a Parallel Manipulator Micro-CMM
Ali Rugbani, Kristiaan Schreve
Methods for Implementing Compensation Strategies in Micro Production Systems Supported by a Simulation Approach
Christian Löchte, Jamal Kayasa, Christoph Herrmann, Annika Raatz

Metrology and Quality Control

Accuracy Measurements of Miniature Robot Using Optical CMM
Asser Vuola, Reijo Tuokko
A System for the Quality Inspection of Surfaces of Watch Parts
Giuseppe Zamuner, Jacques Jacot
Characterisation of High Accuracy, Feedback Controlled, Adhesive Bonding
Rik Lafeber, Gerrit Bosch, Max Murre, Jitze Bassa, Leo Moergestel, Erik Puik

Intelligent Control of Assembly Systems

Towards Intelligent Assembly and Manufacturing Environment – Modular ICT Support for Holonic Manufacturing System
Minna Lanz, Eeva Järvenpää, Pasi Luostarinen, Fernando Garcia, Reijo Tuokko
Enabling Fast Ramp-Up of Assembly Lines through Context-Mapping of Implicit Operator Knowledge and Machine-Derived Data
Konstantin Konrad, Michael Hoffmeister, Matthias Zapp, Alexander Verl, Johannes Busse
Accelerated Ramp-Up of Assembly Systems through Self-learning
Robert Oates, Daniele Scrimieri, Svetan Ratchev

Process Selecting and Modelling Techniques

A Methodology for Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Assembly Processes
Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua, Svetan Ratchev
Model Based Planning of Complex Micro-manufacturing Strategies
Daniel Zdebski, Shukri Afazov, Svetan Ratchev, Joel Segal
Towards an European Approach for Characterisation of Multimaterial Micromanufacturing Process Capabilities
Markus Dickerhof, Sabino Azcarate, Attila Temun



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