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Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV (Part III)
Daoliang Li, Yande Liu, Yingyi Chen
Book Front Matter
Study on XML-Based Heterogeneous Agriculture Database Sharing Platform
Yongxiang Sun, Xiaoxia Yang, Yong Liang, Xia Geng, Qiulan Wu
Studying on Construction Programs of the Platform of Primary Products Marketing
Gang Lu, Peng Lu, Cuie Liu
Supply Chain Integration Based on Core Manufacturing Enterprise
Wenqin Cao, Haiyan Zhu
Target Recognition for the Automatically Targeting Variable Rate Sprayer
Maogang Li, Yan Shi, Xingxing Wang, Haibo Yuan
Target Recognition of Software Research about Machine System of Accurately Spraying
Yan Shi, Chunmei Zhang, Maogang Li, Haibo Yuan
The Application of CPLD and ARM in Food Safety Testing Data Fusion
Jianjun Ding, Xihua Wang, Chao Sun
The Application of Three-Dimensional Visualization Technology in Village Information Service Platform
Xiaoxia Yang, Yong Liang, Song Jia
Research and Application of Data Security for Mobile Devices
Xiandi Zhang, Feng Yang, Zhongqiang Liu, Zhenzhi Wang, Kaiyi Wang
The Design and Development of the Land Management System in Dingzhuang Town Based on Spatial Data
Yusheng Liang, Wenbin Sun, Haiting Diao, Ying Li
The Design of Portable Equipment for Greenhouse’s Environment Information Acquirement Based on Voice Service
Xin Zhang, Xiaojun Qiao, Wengang Zheng, Cheng Wang, Yunhe Zhang
The Design of Smart Wireless Carbon Dioxide Measuring Instrument Used in Greenhouse
Wengang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Xiaojun Qiao, Hua Yan, Wenbiao Wu
The Detection of Quality Deterioration of Apple Juice by Near Infrared and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Dazhou Zhu, Baoping Ji, Zhaoshen Qing, Cheng Wang, Manuela Zude
The Determination of Total N, Total P, Cu and Zn in Chicken Manure Using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
Yiwei Dong, Yongxing Chen, Dazhou Zhu, Yuzhong Li, Chunying Xu, Wei Bai, Yanan Wang, Qiaozhen Li
The Growth Phases of Information Construction in Chinese Rural Area
Li-Jun Wang
The Judgment of Beef Marble Texture Based on the MATLAB Image Processing Technology
Ruokui Chang, Yong Wei, Lizhen Ma, Yuanhong Wang, Hua Liu, Mingyu Song
The New Method of Fruit Tree Characteristics Acquisition Using Electromagnetic Tracking Instrument
Jian Wang, Ding-Feng Wu, Guo-Min Zhou, Yun Qiu
The Novel Integrating Sphere Type Near-Infrared Moisture Determination Instrument Based on LabVIEW
Yunliang Song, Bin Chen, Shushan Wang, Daoli Lu, Min Yang
The Research and Realization of the Science Feed Management System in Islamic Livestock Norm Production and Quality Attestation System
Rong Ren, Wenxing Bao
The Simulation of the Apple Tree Form’s Effects on Its Photosynthetic Efficiency
Lin Hu, Guomin Zhou, Yun Qiu
The Spatial and Temporal Prognosis of Oilseed Yield in Shandong Province
Yujian Yang, Jianhua Zhu, Shubo Wan, Xiaoyan Zhang
The Study and Implementation of Agricultural Information Service System Based on Addressable Broadcast
Huoguo Zheng, Haiyan Hu, Shihong Liu, Hong Meng
The Study of Quality and Safety Traceability System of Vegetable Produce of Hebei Province
Fangzhou Wang, Wensheng Sun
The Study on Building of Virtual Reality System in Large Surface Coal Mine
Baoying Ye, Nisha Bao, Zhongke Bai
The Study on Navel Orange Traceability Chain
Huoguo Zheng, Xianxue Meng, Shihong Liu
The Study on the Organization Approach of Agricultural Model Components Library Based on Topic Map
Haiyan Jiang, Bing Fu, Mei Zhang, Yan Zhu, Weixin Cao
Theory of Double Sampling Applied to Main Crops Acreage Monitoring at National Scale Based on 3S in China—CT316
Quan Wu, Li Sun, Fei Wang, Shaorong Jia
Three-Dimensional Visualization of Soil Electrical Conductivity Variation by VRML
Hongyi Li
Towards Developing an Edible Fungi Factory HACCP MIS Base on RFID Technology
Wang Yunsheng, Xu Shipu, Wan Changzhao, Cheng Jihong, Guo Qian, Yang Juan, Zhao Jingying
Toxicity of Cu, Pb, and Zn on Seed Germination and Young Seedlings of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Haiou Wang, Guangrong Zhong, Guoqing Shi, Fangting Pan
Using Data Grid Technology to Build MODIS Data Management System in Agriculture Application
Yi Zeng, Guoqing Li
Virtual Prototype Modeling and Simulating Analysis of Lotus Root Slicing Machine Based on ADAMS
Jianping Hu, Jing Wang, Yinsa Huang, Enzhu Wei
Virtual Reality and the Application in Virtual Experiment for Agricultural Equipment
Yu Zang, Zhongxiang Zhu, Zhenghe Song, Enrong Mao
Virtual Visualization System for Growth of Tobacco Root
Lei Xi, Shuping Xiong, Yanna Ren, Qiang Wang, Juan Yang, Longlong Zhang, Xinming Ma
Winter Wheat Quality Inspection and Regionalization Based on NIR Network and Remote Sensing
Xiaodong Yang, Wenjiang Huang, Cunjun Li, Xingang Xu, Hao Yang
A Web-Based Monitoring System as a Measurement Tool in Greenhouses Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Yuling Shi, Zhongyi Wang, Xu Liu, Dongjie Zhao, Lan Huang
Analysis and Design on Decision Support System of Security Risk Management in Rural Power Network
Dongsheng Zhou, Tao Yang
Analysis on the Factors Causing the Real-Time Image Blurry and Development of Methods for the Image Restoration
Jianhua Zhang, Ronghua Ji, Kaiqun Hu, Xue Yuan, Hui Li, Lijun Qi
Application Analysis of Machine Vision Technology in the Agricultural Inspection
Yang Yang, Yang Zhang, Tian He
Comparative Study of Methods of Risks Assessment in Rural Power Network
Xiaoqiang Song, Tao Yang
A Circuit Module and CPLD Laser Ground Controller Based on RS485
Xinlei Li, Gang Liu, Mingming Guo, Yin Liu, Fei Yang
Design of Decision Support System for Mechanical Conservation Tillage
Junjing Yuan, Jian Zhang, Hongzhen Cai
Experimental Study on the Quality of Dutch Cucumber in Storage
Jingying Tan, Dan Jin, Qing Wang
GIS-Based Evaluation of Soybean Growing Areas Suitability in China
Wenying He, Sen Yang, Rui Guo, Yaxiong Chen, Weihong Zhou, Chaojie Jia, Guojun Sun
Goal-Driven Workflow Generation Based on AI Planning
Yinxue Shi, Minghao Yang, Ruizhi Sun
Mobile Phones of 3G Era in Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Production and Application Prospect
Yang Yang, Tian He, Yang Zhang
Research of Dynamic Identification Technology on Cotton Foreign Fibers
Shuangxi Liu, Wenxiu Zheng, Hengbin Li, Jinxing Wang
Research on Acquisition Methods of High-Precision DEM for Distributed Hydrological Model
Li Deng, Yong Liang, Chengming Zhang
Research on Image Classification Algorithm Based on Artificial Immune Learning
Chengming Zhang, Yong Liang, Shujing Wan, Jinping Sun, Dalei Zhang
Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on RS-ART
Tao Yang, Feng Zhang, Qingji Li, Ping Yang
Study on Delineation of Irrigation Management Zones Based on Management Zone Analyst Software
Qiuxiang Jiang, Qiang Fu, Zilong Wang
Study on Irrigation Regime of Double Cropping of Winter Wheat with Summer Maize
Wang Shengfeng, Xu Jianxin, Yang Shuqin, Jia Ping
Study on Model of Risk Assessment of Standard Operation in Rural Power Network
Qingji Li, Tao Yang
Study on Refrigeratory Compressor with Frequency Conversion and Its Economical Efficiency
Dan Jin, Jingying Tan, Qing Wang
Study on the Parameters’ Acquisition Method of Distributed Hydrological Model Based on RS
Jinping Sun, Yong Liang, Qin Yan, Chengming Zhang
The Design and Implementation of Halal Beef Wholly Quality Traceability System
Yongsheng Yang, Wenxing Bao
The Development of Remote Labor Training System for Rural Small Towns Based on MVC Model
Lihua Zheng, Dongmei Zhao, Nan Zhou, Xiaobing Qiu, Li Xu, Shicong Wang, Zhong Qiao
WEB-Based Intelligent Diagnosis System for Cotton Diseases Control
Hui Li, Ronghua Ji, Jianhua Zhang, Xue Yuan, Kaiqun Hu, Lijun Qi
Wetland Information Extraction from RS Image Based on Wavelet Packet and the Active Learning Support Vector Machine
Pu Wang, Wenxing Bao
A Research to Construct the Interactive Platform for Integrated Information of Agricultural Products in China Xinjiang
Yuan Li, Zhigang Li
Modeling Spatial Pattern of Precipitation with GIS and Multivariate Geostatistical Methods in Chongqing Tobacco Planting Region, China
Xuan Wang, Jiake Lv, Chaofu Wei, Deti Xie
Prediction of Freight Ability in Country Base on GRNN
Baihua Zhang
Research and Application of Modern Information Technology in the Forest Plant Protection Machinery
Lairong Chen, Qingchun Wang, Ronghua Ji
Research on Information Sharing Pattern of Agricultural Products Supply Chain Based on E-Commerce Technology
Zhigang Li, Yang Gao, Yuan Li, Jinyu Han
Study of Intelligent Integrated Modeling and Development of Agricultural Post-Project Evaluation
Chen Li
Study of Optimal Operation for Huai’an Parallel Pumping Stations with Adjustable-Blade Units Based on Two Stages Decomposition-Dynamic Programming Aggregation Method
Yi Gong, Jilin Cheng, Rentian Zhang, Lihua Zhang
TBIS: A Web-Based Expert System for Identification of Tephritid Fruit Flies in China Based on DNA Barcode
Zhimei Li, Zhihong Li, Fuxiang Wang, Wei Lin, Jiajiao Wu
TPPADS: An Expert System Based on Multi-branch Structure for Tianjin Planting Pest Assistant Diagnosis
Zhigang Wu, Yichuan Bai, Han Huang, Wenxin Li, Zhimei Li, Zhihong Li
Study on the Demands for Agricultural and Rural Informationization in China and Its Strategic Options
Xiangyang Qin, Gang Liu, Jin Li, Chunjiang Zhao
Study on the Near Infrared Model Development of Mixed Liquid Samples by the Algorithm of OSC-PLS
Dong Wang, Zhihong Ma, Shengfeng Ye, Shungeng Min
Design and Realization of Information Service System of Agricultural Expert Based on Wireless Mobile Communication Technology
Jianshe Zhao, Wenyue Li, Yong Yang, Haili Meng, Wen Huang
Design of a New Soil-Tuber Separation Device on Potato Harvesters
Gaili Gao, Dongxing Zhang, Jun Liu
Fast Discrimination of Nanfeng Mandarin Varieties Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technique
Huamao Zhou, Chao Zhou, Honghui Rao, Yande Liu
Purity Identification of Maize Seed Based on Color Characteristics
Xiaomei Yan, Jinxing Wang, Shuangxi Liu, Chunqing Zhang
Reconstructing Vegetation Temperature Condition Index Based on the Savitzky–Golay Filter
Manman Li, Junming Liu
Research and Implementation of Agricultural Science and Technology Consulting System Based on Ajax and Improved VSM
Sufen Sun, Junfeng Zhang, Changshou Luo, Qingfeng Wei
Empirical Study on the Relationship between ICT Application and China Agriculture Economic Growth
Pengju He, Shihong Liu, Huoguo Zheng, Yunpeng Cui
The Research of the Agricultural Technology Transfer
Jinyou Hu, Jingjing Zhang, Jian Zhang
Research on the Collaboration Service Mechanism for Pig Diseases Diagnosis Based on Semantic Web
Xiang Sun, Huarui Wu, Huaji Zhu, Cheng Peng, Jingqiu Gu
Prediction of Vegetable Price Based on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
Changshou Luo, Qingfeng Wei, Liying Zhou, Junfeng Zhang, Sufen Sun
Research on the Application Integration Model for the Agricultural Enterprise of Integrative Production and Marketing
Feng Yang, Xiandi Zhang, Zhongqiang Liu, Zhenzhi Wang, Kaiyi Wang
A SaaS-Based Logistics Informatization Model for Specialized Farmers Cooperatives in China
Zhongqiang Liu, Kaiyi Wang, Shufeng Wang, Feng Yang, Xiandi Zhang
Study on Acoustic Features of Laying Hens’ Vocalization
Ligen Yu, Guanghui Teng, Zhizhong Li, Xuming Liu
A Study on Pig Slaughter Traceability Solution Based on RFID
Qingyao Luo, Benhai Xiong, Zhi Geng, Liang Yang, Jiayi Pan
Study on Application of Location Algorithm Base Multidimensional Spatial Information in the Situation Analysis of Natural Ecology
Jumei Ai, Shuhua Mao
A Water-Quality Dynamic Monitoring System Based on Web-Server-Embedded Technology for Aquaculture
Dongxian He, Daoliang Li, Jie Bao, Hu Juanxiu, Shaokun Lu
A Study on Operation Strategies of Unclogging Container-Trailers Enterprises at Shenzhen Port
Xiaoliang Gao, Nie Dan



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