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Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
Anne Remke, Valerio Schiavoni
Front Matter

Privacy and Security

On the Trade-Offs of Combining Multiple Secure Processing Primitives for Data Analytics
Hugo Carvalho, Daniel Cruz, Rogério Pontes, João Paulo, Rui Oliveira
Capturing Privacy-Preserving User Contexts with IndoorHash
Lakhdar Meftah, Romain Rouvoy, Isabelle Chrisment

Cloud and Systems

Towards Hypervisor Support for Enhancing the Performance of Virtual Machine Introspection
Benjamin Taubmann, Hans Reiser
Fed-DIC: Diagonally Interleaved Coding in a Federated Cloud Environment
Giannis Tzouros, Vana Kalogeraki
TailX: Scheduling Heterogeneous Multiget Queries to Improve Tail Latencies in Key-Value Stores
Vikas Jaiman, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Etienne Rivière

Fault-Tolerance and Reproducibility

Building a Polyglot Data Access Layer for a Low-Code Application Development Platform
Ana Nunes Alonso, João Abreu, David Nunes, André Vieira, Luiz Santos, Tércio Soares, José Pereira
A Comparison of Message Exchange Patterns in BFT Protocols
Fábio Silva, Ana Alonso, José Pereira, Rui Oliveira
Kollaps/Thunderstorm: Reproducible Evaluation of Distributed Systems
Miguel Matos

Machine Learning for Systems

Self-tunable DBMS Replication with Reinforcement Learning
Luís Ferreira, Fábio Coelho, José Pereira
DroidAutoML: A Microservice Architecture to Automate the Evaluation of Android Machine Learning Detection Systems
Yérom-David Bromberg, Louison Gitzinger

Distributed Algorithms

A Resource Usage Efficient Distributed Allocation Algorithm for 5G Service Function Chains
Guillaume Fraysse, Jonathan Lejeune, Julien Sopena, Pierre Sens
A Self-stabilizing One-To-Many Node Disjoint Paths Routing Algorithm in Star Networks
Rachid Hadid, Vincent Villain


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