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Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2019
David Lamas, Fernando Loizides, Lennart Nacke, Helen Petrie, Marco Winckler, Panayiotis Zaphiris
Front Matter

Interaction Design for Culture and Development II

A Contrastive Study of Pre- and Post-legislation Interaction Design for Communication and Action About Personal Data Protection in e-Commerce Websites
Clarisse Souza
A Study of Outbound Automated Call Preferences for DOTS Adherence in Rural India
Arpit Mathur, Shimmila Bhowmick, Keyur Sorathia
Investigating Mobile Banking in Mali: HCI Experience of ‘Man in the Street’
Fatoumata Camara, Daouda Traoré, Gaëlle Calvary, Amal Kali
Towards Safe Spaces Online: A Study of Indian Matrimonial Websites
Vishal Sharma, Bonnie Nardi, Juliet Norton, A. Tsaasan
What About My Privacy, Habibi?
Mennatallah Saleh, Mohamed Khamis, Christian Sturm

Interaction Design for Culture and Development III

An HCI Perspective on Distributed Ledger Technologies for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading
Sabrina Scuri, Gergana Tasheva, Luísa Barros, Nuno Nunes
Child-Generated Personas to Aid Design Across Cultures
Gavin Sim, Abhishek Shrivastava, Matthew Horton, Simran Agarwal, Pampana Haasini, Chandini Kondeti, Lorna Mcknight
How Do They Use Their Smartphones: A Study on Smartphone Usage by Indian Students
Subrata Tikadar, Samit Bhattacharya
ICT Acceptance for Information Seeking Amongst Pre- and Postnatal Women in Urban Slums
Anirudha Joshi, Debjani Roy, Aakash Ganju, Manjiri Joshi, Susmita Sharma
Sugar Ka Saathi – A Case Study Designing Digital Self-management Tools for People Living with Diabetes in Pakistan
Kehkashan Zeb, Stephen Lindsay, Suleman Shahid, Waleed Riaz, Matt Jones

Interaction in Public Spaces

Design Challenges for Mobile and Wearable Systems to Support Learning on-the-move at Outdoor Cultural Heritage Sites
Alaa Alkhafaji, Sanaz Fallahkhair, Mihaela Cocea
Instant Rephotography
Juliano Franz, Anderson Maciel, Luciana Nedel
Personal Digital Signage for Shared Spaces
Kimmo Tarkkanen, Tommi Tuomola, Mira Pohjola, Jarkko Paavola
SeaMote - Interactive Remotely Operated Apparatus for Aquatic Expeditions
Marko Radeta, Miguel Ribeiro, Dinarte Vasconcelos, Jorge Lopes, Michael Sousa, João Monteiro, Nuno Nunes
TouchGlass: Raycasting from a Glass Surface to Point at Physical Objects in Public Exhibits
Florent Cabric, Emmanuel Dubois, Pourang Irani, Marcos Serrano

Interaction Techniques for Writing and Drawing

Additive Voronoi Cursor: Dynamic Effective Areas Using Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams
Jacky Cheung, Oscar Au, Kening Zhu
Investigating the Potential of EEG for Implicit Detection of Unknown Words for Foreign Language Learning
Christina Schneegass, Thomas Kosch, Albrecht Schmidt, Heinrich Hussmann
Search Support for Exploratory Writing
Jonas Oppenlaender, Elina Kuosmanen, Jorge Goncalves, Simo Hosio
Visual Methods for the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces
Miriam Sturdee, Aluna Everitt, Joseph Lindley, Paul Coulton, Jason Alexander

Methods for User Studies

An Approach to Identifying What Has Gone Wrong in a User Interaction
Andrea Marrella, Lauren Ferro, Tiziana Catarci
Analyzing Online Videos: A Complement to Field Studies in Remote Locations
Taufik Sitompul, Markus Wallmyr
Evidence Humans Provide When Explaining Data-Labeling Decisions
Judah Newman, Bowen Wang, Valerie Zhao, Amy Zeng, Michael Littman, Blase Ur
How Do Users Perceive a Design-in-Use Approach to Implementation? A Healthcare Case
Morten Hertzum, Arnvør Torkilsheyggi
Lifelogging in the Wild: Participant Experiences of Using Lifelogging as a Research Tool
Anders Bruun, Martin Stentoft

Mobile HCI

A Comparative Study of Younger and Older Adults’ Interaction with a Crowdsourcing Android TV App for Detecting Errors in TEDx Video Subtitles
Kinga Skorupska, Manuel Núñez, Wiesław Kopeć, Radosław Nielek
Effect of Ambient Light on Mobile Interaction
Zhanna Sarsenbayeva, Niels Berkel, Weiwei Jiang, Danula Hettiachchi, Vassilis Kostakos, Jorge Goncalves
Investigating Screen Reachability on an Articulated Dual-Display Smartphone
Mathieu Pecchioli, Emmanuel Dubois, Pourang Irani, Marcos Serrano
Short Paper: Initial Recommendations for the Design of Privacy Management Tools for Smartphones
Alessandro Carelli, Matt Sinclair, Darren Southee
Tilt Space: A Systematic Exploration of Mobile Tilt for Design Purpose
Chuanyi Liu, Ningning Wu, Jiali Zhang, Wei Su

Personalization and Recommender Systems

“I Really Don’t Know What ‘Thumbs Up’ Means”: Algorithmic Experience in Movie Recommender Algorithms
Oscar Alvarado, Vero Abeele, David Geerts, Katrien Verbert
Following Wrong Suggestions: Self-blame in Human and Computer Scenarios
Andrea Beretta, Massimo Zancanaro, Bruno Lepri
Personality Is Revealed During Weekends: Towards Data Minimisation for Smartphone Based Personality Classification
Mohammed Khwaja, Aleksandar Matic
Social Influence Scale for Technology Design and Transformation
Agnis Stibe, Brian Cugelman
Using Expert Patterns in Assisted Interactive Machine Learning: A Study in Machine Teaching
Emily Wall, Soroush Ghorashi, Gonzalo Ramos
Welcome, Computer! How Do Participants Introduce a Collaborative Application During Face-to-Face Interaction?
Mateusz Dolata, Susanne Steigler, Fiona Nüesch, Ulrike Schock, Doris Agotai, Simon Schubiger, Mehmet Kilic, Gerhard Schwabe

Pointing, Touch, Gesture and Speech-Based Interaction Techniques

A Comparative Study of Pointing Techniques for Eyewear Using a Simulated Pedestrian Environment
Quentin Roy, Camelia Zakaria, Simon Perrault, Mathieu Nancel, Wonjung Kim, Archan Misra, Andy Cockburn
Are Split Tablet Keyboards Better? A Study of Soft Keyboard Layout and Hand Posture
Thomas Aschim, Julie Gjerstad, Lars Lien, Rukaiya Tahsin, Frode Sandnes
FittsFarm: Comparing Children’s Drag-and-Drop Performance Using Finger and Stylus Input on Tablets
Brendan Cassidy, Janet Read, I. Mackenzie
Is Bigger Better? A Fitts’ Law Study on the Impact of Display Size on Touch Performance
Corinna List, Michael Kipp
WeldVUI: Establishing Speech-Based Interfaces in Industrial Applications
Mirjam Augstein, Thomas Neumayr, Sebastian Pimminger

Social Networks and Social Media Interaction

Frameworks for Studying Social Media Interaction: A Discussion on Phenomenology and Poststructuralism
Henrik Åhman, Anders Hedman
FriendGroupVR: Design Concepts Using Virtual Reality to Organize Social Network Friends
Frederic Raber, Christopher Schommer, Antonio Krüger
Investigating the Use of an Online Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Service
Michael Svangren, Margot Brereton, Mikael Skov, Jesper Kjeldskov
You Talkin’ to Me? A Practical Attention-Aware Embodied Agent
Rahul Divekar, Jeffrey Kephart, Xiangyang Mou, Lisha Chen, Hui Su


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