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Electronic Government
Peter Parycek, Olivier Glassey, Marijn Janssen, Hans Jochen Scholl, Efthimios Tambouris, Evangelos Kalampokis, Shefali Virkar
Front Matter

Security in Emerging Systems – Towards Government 3.0 with a National Service Platform
Jesse Yli-Huumo, Tero Päivärinta, Juho Rinne, Kari Smolander
Understanding an Integrated Management System in a Government Agency – Focusing Institutional Carriers
Ulf Melin, Karin Axelsson, Truls Löfstedt
Live Enrolment for Identity Documents in Europe
Tarmo Kalvet, Henrik Karlzén, Amund Hunstad, Marek Tiits
Understanding Public Healthcare Service Quality from Social Media
Hong Lee, Minsik Lee, Habin Lee
Group Development Stages in Open Government Data Engagement Initiatives: A Comparative Case Studies Analysis
Arie Purwanto, Anneke Zuiderwijk, Marijn Janssen
Managing Standardization in eGovernment: A Coordination Theory based Analysis Framework
Dian Balta, Helmut Krcmar
eLand Governance in India: Transcending Digitization
Vijeth Acharya, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Shraddha Vasudevan
Coordinating Public E-services - Investigating Mechanisms and Practices in a Government Agency
Fredrik Söderström, Ulf Melin, Ida Lindgren, Zara Galzie
The War on Corruption: The Role of Electronic Government
João Martins, Bruno Fernandes, Ibrahim Rohman, Linda Veiga
Local Open Government: Empirical Evidence from Austrian Municipalities
Lisa Schmidthuber, Bernhard Krabina, Dennis Hilgers
Who Is Measuring What and How in EGOV Domain?
Joana Carvalho, Delfina Soares
Public Funding in Collective Innovations for Public–Private Activities
Boriana Rukanova, Helle Zinner Henriksen, Frank Heijmann, Siti Arifah Arman, Yao-Hua Tan
Ontology Based Data Management:A Study in a Brazilian Federal Agency
Márcia Takenaka Fujimoto, Edna Dias Canedo
Towards the Implementation of the EU-Wide “Once-Only Principle”: Perceptions of Citizens in the DACH-Region
Cigdem Akkaya, Helmut Krcmar

Open Data, Linked Data, and Semantic Web

Investigating Open Government Data Barriers: A Literature Review and Conceptualization
Jonathan Crusoe, Ulf Melin
Open Government Data Driven Co-creation: Moving Towards Citizen-Government Collaboration
Keegan Mcbride, Maarja Toots, Tarmo Kalvet, Robert Krimmer
Exploring Open Data State-of-the-Art: A Review of the Social, Economic and Political Impacts
Shefali Virkar, Gabriela Viale Pereira
Towards Open Data Quality Improvements Based on Root Cause Analysis of Quality Issues
Csaba Csáki
Data Makes the Public Sector Go Round
Paraskevi Christodoulou, Stefan Decker, Aikaterini-Vasiliki Douka, Charalampia Komopoulou, Vassilios Peristeras, Sofia Sgagia, Vaios Tsarapatsanis, Dimosthenis Vardouniotis

Smart Governance (Government, Cities and Regions)

Fostering the Citizen Participation Models for Public Value Creation in Cooperative Environment of Smart Cities
Manuel Rodríguez Bolívar
Regulatory Compliance and Over-Compliant Information Sharing – Changes in the B2G Landscape
Bram Klievink, Marijn Janssen, Haiko Voort, Sélinde Engelenburg

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Automated Decision-Making

Using Geocoding and Topic Extraction to Make Sense of Comments on Social Network Pages of Local Government Agencies
Pedro Lima, Raissa Barcellos, Flavia Bernardini, Jose Viterbo


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