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Table of Contents
Technological Innovation for Applied AI Systems
Luis Camarinha-Matos, Pedro Ferreira, Guilherme Brito
Front Matter

Collaborative Networks

AI and Simulation for Performance Assessment in Collaborative Business Ecosystems
Paula Graça, Luis Camarinha-Matos
The Benefits of Applying Social Network Analysis to Identify Collaborative Risks
Marco Nunes, António Abreu
A Mixed Method for Assessing the Reliability of Shared Knowledge in Mass Collaborative Learning Community
Majid Zamiri, Luis Camarinha-Matos

Smart Manufacturing

Characteristics of Adaptable Control of Production Systems and the Role of Self-organization Towards Smart Manufacturing
Luis Estrada-Jimenez, Sanaz Nikghadam-Hojjati, Jose Barata
Predictive Manufacturing: Enabling Technologies, Frameworks and Applications
Terrin Pulikottil, Luis Estrada-Jimenez, Sanaz Nikghadam-Hojjati, Jose Barata
Control of Manufacturing Systems by HMS/EPS Paradigms Orchestrating I4.0 Components Based on Capabilities
Jackson Veiga, Marcosiris Pessoa, Fabrício Junqueira, Paulo Miyagi, Diolino Santos Fo
A Framework for Self-configuration in Manufacturing Production Systems
Hamood Rehman, Jack Chaplin, Leszek Zarzycki, Svetan Ratchev

Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins

Verification of the Boundedness Property in a Petri Net-Based Specification of the Control Part of Cyber-Physical Systems
Marcin Wojnakowski, Remigiusz Wiśniewski
Collaborative Cyber-Physical Systems Design Approach: Smart Home Use Case
Artem Nazarenko, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Digital Twin for Supply Chain Master Planning in Zero-Defect Manufacturing
Julio Serrano, Josefa Mula, Raúl Poler

Intelligent Decision Making

Matheuristic Algorithms for Production Planning in Manufacturing Enterprises
Eduardo Guzman, Beatriz Andrés, Raúl Poler
Assessment of Sentinel-2 Spectral Features to Estimate Forest Height with the New GEDI Data
João Pereira-Pires, André Mora, Valentine Aubard, João Silva, José Fonseca
Assessing Normalization Techniques for TOPSIS Method
Nazanin Vafaei, Rita Ribeiro, Luis Camarinha-Matos
How Can e-Grocers Use Artificial Intelligence Based on Technology Innovation to Improve Supply Chain Management?
Mar Vazquez-Noguerol, Carlos Prado-Prado, Shaofeng Liu, Raúl Poler
A Conceptual Framework of Human-System Interaction Under Uncertainty-Based on Shadow System Perspective
Qingyu Liang, Juanqiong Gou
A New Challenge for Machine Ethics Regarding Decision-Making in Manufacturing Systems
Esmaeil Kondori, Rui Neves-Silva

Smart Energy Management

Towards a Hybrid Model for the Diffusion of Innovation in Energy Communities
Kankam Adu-Kankam, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Towards Extension of Data Centre Modelling Toolbox with Parameters Estimation
Yulia Berezovskaya, Chen-Wei Yang, Valeriy Vyatkin
Power Transformer Design Resorting to Metaheuristics Techniques
Pedro Alves, P. Fonte, R. Pereira

Communications and Electronics

Detection of Signaling Vulnerabilities in Session Initiation Protocol
Diogo Pereira, Rodolfo Oliveira
Interference Power Characterization in Directional Networks and Full-Duplex Systems
Ayman Abusabah, Rodolfo Oliveira, Luis Irio
FEM-Parameterized Sensorless Vector Control of PMSM Using High-Frequency Voltage Injection
Károly Veszprémi, Gergely Szabó

Classification Systems

Deep Learning-Based Automated Detection of Inappropriate Face Image Attributes for ID Documents
Amineh Mazandarani, Pedro Amaral, Paulo Pinto, S. Hosseini
Automatic Cognitive Workload Classification Using Biosignals for Distance Learning Applications
Rui Varandas, Hugo Gamboa, Inês Silveira, Patrícia Gamboa, Cláudia Quaresma
Design of an Attention Tool Using HCI and Work-Related Variables
Patrícia Gamboa, Cláudia Quaresma, Rui Varandas, Helena Canhão, Rute Sousa, Ana Rodrigues, Sofia Jacinto, João Rodrigues, Cátia Cepeda, Hugo Gamboa

Smart Healthcare Systems

Assessment of Visuomotor and Visual Perception Skills in Children: A New Proposal Based on a Systematic Review
Ana Ferreira, Carla Quintão, Cláudia Quaresma
Benefits, Implications and Ethical Concerns of Machine Learning Tools Serving Mental Health Purposes
Patrícia Gamboa, Cláudia Quaresma, Rui Varandas, Hugo Gamboa
Multi-agent System Architecture for Distributed Home Health Care Information Systems
Filipe Alves, Ana Rocha, Ana Pereira, Paulo Leitão

Medical Devices

Analysis of Electromyography Signals for Control Models of Power-Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation Devices of Upper Limb System
Paulo Bonifácio, Valentina Vassilenko, Guilherme Marques, Diogo Casal
AI-Based Classification Algorithm of Infrared Images of Patients with Spinal Disorders
Anna Poplavska, Valentina Vassilenko, Oleksandr Poplavskyi, Diogo Casal
Improvements on Signal Processing Algorithm for the VOPITB Equipment
Filipa Cardoso, Valentina Vassilenko, Arnaldo Batista, Paulo Bonifácio, Sergio Martin, Juan Muñoz-Torrero, Manuel Ortigueira
Pilot Study for Validation and Differentiation of Alveolar and Esophageal Air
Paulo Santos, Valentina Vassilenko, Carolina Conduto, Jorge Fernandes, Pedro Moura, Paulo Bonifácio
Application of Machine Learning Methods to Raman Spectroscopy Technique in Dentistry
Iulian Otel, J. Silveira, V. Vassilenko, A. Mata, S. Pessanha
Gas Chromatography-Ion Mobility Spectrometry Instrument for Medical Applications: A Calibration Protocol for ppb and ppt Concentration Range
Jorge Fernandes, Valentina Vassilenko, Pedro Moura, Viktor Fetter


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