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Smart Technologies for Precision Assembly
Svetan Ratchev
Front Matter

Keynote Paper

Augmented Reality in Assembly Systems: State of the Art and Future Perspectives
M. Dalle Mura, G. Dini

Assembly Design and Planning

Application of a Standardized Design Procedure in the Development of Automated Micro-assembly Processes
Gordon Saunders, Tobias Müller
Towards the Automated Coverlay Assembly in FPCB Manufacturing: Concept and Preliminary Tests
Marcello Valori, Vito Basile, Simone Negri, Paolo Scalmati, Chiara Renghini, Irene Fassi
Resource Interface Matchmaking as a Part of Automatic Capability Matchmaking
Niko Siltala, Eeva Järvenpää, Minna Lanz
Investigation on the Convergence of the Genetic Algorithm of an Aerodynamic Feeding System Due to the Enlargement of the Solution Space
Torge Kolditz, Caner-Veli Ince, Annika Raatz

Assembly Operations

Indirect System Condition Monitoring Using Online Bayesian Changepoint Detection
Emil Tochev, Harald Pfifer, Svetan Ratchev
Strategies for Dealing with Problems in Robotised Unscrewing Operations
Jun Huang, Duc Pham, Ruiya Li, Kaiwen Jiang, Dalong Lyu, Chunqian Ji
Improving Automated Insertion Task in Robotics by Reducing Registration Error
Geraldine Cheok, Marek Franaszek, Karl Wyk, Jeremy Marvel

Assembly Cells and Systems

Development of a Sensitive Winding Application Based on a Serial Robot and Integrated Torque Sensors
A. Kanso, M. Vette-Steinkamp, R. Müller
High-Load Titanium Drilling Using an Accurate Robotic Machining System
Robert Brownbill, Philip Silk, Peter Whiteside, Windo Hutabarat, Harry Burroughes
Application of Advanced Simulation Methods for the Tolerance Analysis of Mechanical Assemblies
Konstantinos Bacharoudis, Atanas Popov, Svetan Ratchev
Development of a Low-Cost, High Accuracy, Flexible Panel Indexing Cell with Modular, Elastic Architecture
Robert Brownbill, Adam Roberts
Context-Aware Plug and Produce for Robotic Aerospace Assembly
David Sanderson, Emma Shires, Jack Chaplin, Harvey Brookes, Amer Liaqat, Svetan Ratchev
Data Capture and Visualisation on a Shoestring: Demonstrating the Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring Project
Michael Mcnally, Jack Chaplin, Giovanna Martínez-Arellano, Svetan Ratchev
Digital Innovation Hubs for Enhancing the Technology Transfer and Digital Transformation of the European Manufacturing Industry
Minna Lanz, Jyrki Latokartano, Roel Pieters
Plenoptic Inspection System for Automatic Quality Control of MEMS and Microsystems
Moritz Kirschmann, Jörg Pierer, Alexander Steinecker, Philipp Schmid, Arne Erdmann

Human Centred Assembly

Automated Information Supply of Worker Guidance Systems in Smart Assembly Environment
Gerhard Reisinger, Philipp Hold, Wilfried Sihn
Towards Human and Robot Collaborative Ergonomic Handling of Long Parts with a Loose Grip
Michael Hofmann, Markus Ganglbauer, Matthias Propst, Christian Wögerer, Andreas Pichler
Human and Workcell Event Recognition and Its Application Areas in Industrial Assembly
Matthias Propst, Sharath Akkaladevi, Michael Hofmann, Christian Wögerer, Andreas Pichler
Cognitive Assistance to Support Maintenance and Assembly Tasks: Results on Technology Acceptance of a Head-Mounted Device
Cornelia Gerdenitsch, Lisa Deinhard, Bettina Kern, Philipp Hold, Sebastian Egger-Lampl
Usability Study of Learning-Based Pose Estimation of Industrial Objects from Synthetic Depth Data
Stefan Thalhammer, Timothy Patten, Markus Vincze

Assistance Methods in Assembly

Assistance Needs in Production Environments: A Contextual Exploration of Workers’ Experiences and Work Practices
Thomas Meneweger, Verena Fuchsberger, Cornelia Gerdenitsch, Sebastian Egger-Lampl, Manfred Tscheligi
Attention Analysis for Assistance in Assembly Processes
Lucas Paletta
Live Video Assistance Systems for Assembly Processes
Christian Kittl, Markus Streibl
Orchestration and Situation Awareness in an Assistance System for Assembly Tasks
Wernher Behrendt, Felix Strohmeier
Safety as Bad Cop of Physical Assistance Systems?
Michael Rathmair, Mathias Brandstötter
The Consideration of Job Satisfaction in the Design of Assistance Systems in Production
Stelios Damalas, Norah Neuhuber, Peter Mörtl


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