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Boosting Collaborative Networks 4.0
Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Angel Ortiz
Front Matter

Collaborative Business Ecosystems

Evaluating and Influencing the Performance of a Collaborative Business Ecosystem – A Simulation Study
Paula Graça, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
Exploring the Barriers and Mitigation Strategies in Digital Business Ecosystem Development: A Case Study from Engineering Material Supply Service Provider
Qingyu Liang, Juanqiong Gou, Wenqiang Li, Long Huang
Developing Digital Business Ecosystems to Create Collaborative Value in Supply-Chain Finance
Xufan Zhao, Juanqiong Gou, Wenchi Ying

Collaborative Business Models

Deriving Collaborative Business Model Design Requirements from a Digital Platform Business Strategy
Frank Berkers, Oktay Turetken, Baris Ozkan, Anna Wilbik, Onat Ege Adali, Rick Gilsing, Paul Grefen
A Method to Guide the Concretization of Costs and Benefits in Service-Dominant Business Models
Rick Gilsing, Oktay Turetken, Baris Ozkan, Frans Slaats, Onat Ege Adali, Anna Wilbik, Frank Berkers, Paul Grefen
Green Virtual Enterprise Breeding Environment: A Proposal of Web Platform Model for a Circular Economy
Fernando Zatt Schardosin, Carlos R. de Rolt, Amanda Batista, Clerilei A. Bier, Amanda A. Lentez

Collaboration Platforms

For a Dynamic Web Services Discovery Model for Open Ecosystems of Software Providers
Ricardo J. Rabelo, Hernesto A. Ruiz, Maiara H. Cancian
Adoption of Digital Collaborative Networking Platforms in Companies: A Study of Twitter Usage in Finland
Heli Hallikainen, Lili Aunimo
From Digital Platforms to Ecosystems: A Review of Horizon 2020 Platform Projects
Henrique Diogo Silva, António Lucas Soares

Data and Knowledge Services

Towards a Reference Model for Knowledge Driven Data Provision Processes
Wei Min Wang, Maurice Preidel, Bernd Fachbach, Rainer Stark
A Semantic Data Model to Represent Building Material Data in AEC Collaborative Workflows
Prathap Valluru, Janakiram Karlapudi, Karsten Menzel, Teemu Mätäsniemi, Jari Shemeikka
Towards a Framework for Federated Interoperability to Implement an Automated Model Transformation
Mustapha Labreche, Aurélie Montarnal, Sébastien Truptil, Xavier Lorca, Sébastien Weill, and Jean-Pièrre Adi

Blockchain and Knowledge Graphs

Design Principles for Blockchain-Enabled Point Exchange Systems: An Action Design Research on a Polycentric Collaborative Network for Loyalty Programs
Jiaman Chen, Wenchi Ying, Yonggui Chen, Zupeng Wang
Bitcoin Adoption as a New Technology for Payment Mechanism in a Tourism Collaborative Network
Mehdi Daryaei, Javad Jassbi, Reza Radfar, Abbas Khamseh
How to Effectively Make and Use Knowledge Graphs Through Collaborative Activities: A Socio-Technical Perspective
Yanan Gao, Xiyan Lv, Wenchi Ying

Maintenance, Compliance and Liability

Liability in Collaborative Maintenance of Critical System of Systems
A. Luis Osório, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Adam Belloum
Applying Predictive Maintenance in Flexible Manufacturing
Go Muan Sang, Lai Xu, Paul De Vrieze, Yuewei Bai
Verification and Compliance in Collaborative Processes
Oyepeju Oyekola, Lai Xu

Digital Transformation

Strategic Target System to Select Digitalization Measures in Manufacturing Companies
Günther Schuh, Jan Hicking, Felix Jordan, Max-Ferdinand Stroh, Stephan-Andrés Saß
Fostering Digital Growth in SMEs: Organizational Competence for Digital Transformation
David Poza, Adolfo López-Paredes, José M. González-Varona, Fernando Acebes
Digital Transformation of Virtual Enterprises for Providing Collaborative Services in Smart Cities
Bokolo Anthony, Sobah Abbas Petersen, Markus Helfert

Skills for Organizations of the Future

Towards Agile Operation for Small Teams in Knowledge Intensive Organizations: A Collaboration Framework
Qinghua Liu, Juanqiong Gou, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
OMiLAB: A Smart Innovation Environment for Digital Engineers
Dimitris Karagiannis, Robert Andrei Buchmann, Xavier Boucher, Sergio Cavalieri, Adrian Florea, Dimitris Kiritsis, Moonkun Lee
Improving the Training Methods for Designers of Flexible Production Cells in Factories of the Future
Ion Mironescu, Daniel-Cristian Crăciunean, Adrian Florea, Ioan Bondrea
Immersive Systems in Human-Centered Manufacturing: The Informational Dimension
Filipa Rente Ramalho, António Lucas Soares, António Henrique Almeida

Collaboration in Open Innovation

Collaborative Networking to Enable Innovation and Entrepreneurship Through Open Innovation Hubs: The Entrepreneurship Learning Centre of Mexico City
Jhonattan Miranda, José Bernardo Rosas-Fernández, Arturo Molina
A Model to Support OI Collaborative Risks Applying Social Network Analysis
Marco Nunes, António Abreu
A Framework Based on Fuzzy Logic to Manage Risk in an Open Innovation Context
Ricardo Santos, Antonio Abreu, J. Calado, José Miguel Soares, José Martins

Collaboration in Supply Chain

Reshaping Supply Chain Collaboration - The Role of Digital Leadership in a Networked Organization
Marzena Frankowska, Andrzej Rzeczycki
Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Operations Planning: Collaboration and Digital Perspectives
María Ángeles Rodríguez, M. Alemany, Andrés Boza, Llanos Cuenca, Ángel Ortiz
Toward Physical Internet-Enabled Supply Chain and Logistics Networks in Developing Countries
Sam Ban, Matthieu Lauras, and Sarot Srang

Simulation and Analysis in Collaborative Systems

A Collaborative Approach to Demand Side Energy Management
Kankam O. Adu-Kankam, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
Analysis of Productivity and Profitability of a SME Through Collaborative Networks Using Discrete Event Simulation Tool: An Automotive Case Study
Emigdio Martínez, Daniel Cortés, José Ramírez, María Guadalupe Obregón, Arturo Molina
A Physics-Based Approach for Managing Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities Within Its Performance Framework
Thibaut Cerabona, Matthieu Lauras, Louis Faugère, Jean-Philippe Gitto, Benoit Montreuil, Frederick Benaben

Product and Service Systems

Value Proposition in Smart PSS Engineering: Case Study in the Residential Heating Appliance Industry
Camilo Murillo Coba, Xavier Boucher, François Vuillaume, Alexandre Gay, Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu
Collaborative Product and Service Customization in Fashion Companies
Elena Pessot, Laura Macchion, Irene Marchiori, Rosanna Fornasiero, Pedro Senna, Andrea Vinelli
The Digital Twin as a Knowledge-Based Engineering Enabler for Product Development
Miguel Azevedo, Sérgio Tavares, António Lucas Soares

Collaboration Impacts

Building Business Impacts of an Industry 4.0 Ecosystem Through Collaborative Network Settings Between IT and Forest Companies
Katri Valkokari, Pasi Valkokari, Helena Kortelainen, Jutta Nyblom
The Role of Collaboration for Sustainable and Efficient Urban Logistics
Leandro Carvalho, Jorge Sousa, Jorge Sousa
A Balanced Sociotechnical Framework for Collaborative Networks 4.0
Paula Urze, A. Luis Osório, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos

Boosting Sustainability Through Collaboration in Agri-food 4.0

Assessing and Selecting Sustainable and Resilient Suppliers in Agri-Food Supply Chains Using Artificial Intelligence: A Short Review
Antonio Zavala-Alcívar, María-José Verdecho, Juan-José Alfaro-Saiz
Assessing the Impact of Pumpkins Plantation, Harvest and Storage Decisions on a Collaborative Supply Chain with Data Analysis Tools
David Pérez, Maria De Los Ángeles Rodríguez, Ángel Ortiz, Cécile Guyon
Impact Analysis of Industrial Standards on Blockchains for Food Supply Chains
Themo Voswinckel, Dino Hardjosuwito, Torben Gehring, Ralph Siruet, Andreas Fuessler
A Decision Support Tool for the Selection of Promoting Actions to Encourage Collaboration in Projects for the Agriculture Sector
M. Alemany, F. Alarcón, D. Pérez, C. Guyon
Optimization Models to Improve First Quality Agricultural Production Through a Collaboration Program in Different Scenarios
Ana Esteso, M. M. E. Alemany, Ángel Ortiz, Pascale Zaraté
Resilient Strategies and Sustainability in Agri-Food Supply Chains in the Face of High-Risk Events
Antonio Zavala-Alcívar, María-José Verdecho, Juan-José Alfaro-Saiz

Digital Innovation Hubs for Digitalising European Industry

Cobotic Assembly Line Design Problem with Ergonomics
Mohammed-Amine Abdous, Xavier Delorme, and Daria Battini
Analysis of Manufacturing Platforms in the Context of Zero-Defect Process Establishment
Artem A. Nazarenko, Joao Sarraipa, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Marc Dorchain, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves
Towards a Reference Model for Configuring Services Portfolio of Digital Innovation Hubs: The ETBSD Model
Claudio Sassanelli, Hervé Panetto, Wided Guedria, Sergio Terzi, and Guy Doumeingts
Developing Digital Capabilities for SMEs: SMART4ALL’s Cross-Border Experiments for Emerging Technology Development and Adoption
Anna K. Lopez-Hernandez, J. Noguera

Collaborative Networks for Health and Wellness Data Management

A Framework for the Collaborative Evaluation of Service Outsourcing Contracts in Pharmaceutical Logistics
Elena Pessot, Gianni De Togni
Towards a Collaborative Ontology-Based Decision Support System to Foster Healthy and Tailored Diets
Daniele Spoladore, Marco Sacco
Leveraging on Enterprise Building Information Models in Health Care Services: The Case of St. Olav University Hospital
Sobah Abbas Petersen, Tor Åsmund Evjen, Seyed Reza Hosseini Raviz, John Krogstie



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