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Table of Contents
Intelligent Information Processing X
Zhongzhi Shi, Sunil Vadera, Elizabeth Chang
Front Matter

Machine Learning

A Salient Object Detection Algorithm Based on Region Merging and Clustering
Weiyi Wei, Yijing Yang, Wanru Wang, Xiufeng Zhao, Huifang Ma
Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Method for Improved Meta-clustering Algorithm
Changlong Shao, Shifei Ding
Large-Scale Spectral Clustering with Stochastic Nyström Approximation
Hongjie Jia, Liangjun Wang, Heping Song
Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Multi Strategy Grey Wolf Optimizer
Guangyue Zhou, Kewen Li, Guoqiang Wan, Hongtu Ji
A Novel Fuzzy C-means Clustering Algorithm Based on Local Density
Jian-Jun Liu, Jian-Cong Fan
A Novel Method to Solve the Separation Problem of LDA
Meng Zhang, Wei Li, Bo Zhang
Multi-label Classification of Short Text Based on Similarity Graph and Restart Random Walk Model
Xiaohong Li, Fanyi Yang, Yuyin Ma, Huifang Ma
Environmental Parameters Analysis and Power Prediction for Photovoltaic Power Generation Based on Ensembles of Decision Trees
Shuai Zhang, Hongwei Dai, Aizhou Yang, Zhongzhi Shi
The Conjugate Entangled Manifold of Space–Time Induced by the Law of Unity of Contradiction
Jiali Feng, Jingjuan Feng
Similarity Evaluation with Wikipedia Features
Shahbaz Wasti, Jawad Hussain, Guangjiang Huang, Yuncheng Jiang

Multi-Agent System

Adaptive Game AI-Based Dynamic Difficulty Scaling via the Symbiotic Game Agent
Siphesihle Sithungu, Elizabeth Ehlers

Recommendation System

Scientific Paper Recommendation Using Author’s Dual Role Citation Relationship
Donglin Hu, Huifang Ma, Yuhang Liu, Xiangchun He
A Genetic Algorithm for Travel Itinerary Recommendation with Mandatory Points-of-Interest
Phatpicha Yochum, Liang Chang, Tianlong Gu, Manli Zhu, Hongliang Chen

Social Computing

Stochastic Blockmodels Meets Overlapping Community Detection
Qiqi Zhao, Huifang Ma, Zhixin Li, Lijun Guo
Overlapping Community Detection Combining Topological Potential and Trust Value of Nodes
Xiaohong Li, Weiying Kong, Weiyi Wei, Enli Fu, Huifang Ma

Brain Computer Integration

Coarse-to-Fine Classification with Phase Synchronization and Common Spatial Pattern for Motor Imagery-Based BCI
Wenfen Ling, Feipeng Xu, Qiaonan Fan, Yong Peng, Wanzeng Kong
Ballistocardiogram Artifact Removal for Concurrent EEG-fMRI Recordings Using Blind Source Separation Based on Dictionary Learning
Yuxi Liu, Jianhai Zhang, Bohui Zhang, Wanzeng Kong
Comparison of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Approaches for Decoding Brain Computer Interface: An fNIRS Study
Jiahao Lu, Hongjie Yan, Chunqi Chang, Nizhuan Wang

Pattern Recognition

Phase Plane Analysis of Traffic Flow Evolution Based on a Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model
Wenhuan Ai, Tao Xing, Yuhang Su, Dawei Liu, Huifang Ma
Phase Plane Analysis of Traffic Phenomena with Different Input and Output Conditions
Wenhuan Ai, Yuhang Su, Tao Xing, Dawei Liu, Huifang Ma
Bird Detection on Transmission Lines Based on DC-YOLO Model
Cong Zou, Yong-Quan Liang
Research on Customer Credit Scoring Model Based on Bank Credit Card
Maoguang Wang, Hang Yang
Analysis of the Stability and Solitary Waves for the Car-Following Model on Two Lanes
Wenhuan Ai, Tao Xing, Yuhang Su, Dawei Liu, Huifang Ma
Queue Length Estimation Based Defence Against Data Poisoning Attack for Traffic Signal Control
Xu Gao, Jiqiang Liu, Yike Li, Xiaojin Wang, Yingxiao Xiang, Endong Tong, Wenjia Niu, Zhen Han
A Method of Style Transfer for Chinese Painting
Cunjian Chen
Speech Triggered Mobility Support and Privacy
Michael Zipperle, Marius Becherer, Achim Karduck

Computer Vision and Image Understanding

Explaining Color Evolution, Color Blindness, and Color Recognition by the Decoding Model of Color Vision
Chenguang Lu
A Content-Based Deep Hybrid Approach with Segmented Max-Pooling
Dapeng Zhang, Liu Yajun, Jiancheng Liu
Image Caption Combined with GAN Training Method
Zeqin Huang, Zhongzhi Shi


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