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Table of Contents
Collaborative Networks of Cognitive Systems
Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Yacine Rezgui
Front Matter

Blockchain in Collaborative Networks

The Relevance of Blockchain for Collaborative Networked Organizations
Hans Schaffers

Industry Transformation and Innovation

Collaborative Transformation Systems - Path to Address the Challenges Around the Competitiveness of Mature Countries
Americo Azevedo
Need and Solution to Transform the Manufacturing Industry in the Age of Industry 4.0 – A Capability Maturity Index Approach
Volker Stich, Gerhard Gudergan, Violett Zeller
Collaborative Networks and the ‘Five Regions of the Future’
Andrew Crossley
Promoting SME Innovation Through Collaboration and Collective-Intelligence Network in SMEs: The PMInnova Program
Agostino Villa, Teresa Taurino, Gianni Perrone, Andrea Villa, Enrico Borgo

Risk, Privacy and Security

Bank Branches as Smart Environments: Introducing a Cognitive Protection System to Manage Security and Safety
Salvatore Ammirato, Francesco Sofo, Alberto Felicetti, Cinzia Raso
A Proposal for Risk Identification Approach in Collaborative Networks Considering Susceptibility to Danger
Jiayao Li, Frédérick Bénaben, Juanqiong Gou, Wenxin Mu
A Framework to Navigate the Privacy Trade-offs for Human-Centred Manufacturing
Sobah Petersen, Felix Mannhardt, Manuel Oliveira, Hans Torvatn

Cognitive Systems for Resilience Management

Optimizing Humanitarian Aids: Formulating Influencer Advertisement in Social Networks
Masoud Salehi, Arman Goudarzi, Nastaran Hajiheydari
Supporting SOA Resilience in Virtual Enterprises
Roque Bezerra, Ricardo Rabelo, Maiara Cancian
Formalization and Evaluation of Non-functional Requirements: Application to Resilience
Behrang Moradi, Nicolas Daclin, Vincent Chapurlat
Nurturing Virtual Collaborative Networks into Urban Resilience for Seismic Hazards Mitigation
Giulia Cerè, Wanqing Zhao, Yacine Rezgui

Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprises

Sensing, Smart and Sustainable S^3 Enterprises: Principles, Goals and Rules
Fábio Guerrini, Thales Sousa, Juliana Yamanari
Open Innovation Laboratory for Rapid Realisation of Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Products: Motives, Concepts and Uses in Higher Education
Arturo Molina Gutiérrez, Jhonattan Miranda, Dante Chavarría, Julieta Noguez, Miguel Ramírez, Manuel Macías, Edgar López, Martín Bustamante, Martín Molina, Pedro Ponce, Daniel Cortés Serrano, José Ramírez
In-Store Proximity Marketing by Means of IoT Devices
Jarogniew Rykowski, Tomasz Chojnacki, Sergiusz Strykowski

Users and Organizations Profiling

Open Innovation Participants Profiling: An Archetypes Approach
João Rosas, Paula Urze, Alexandra Tenera, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Research Investigation on Food Information User’s Behaviour
Antonio Volpentesta, Alberto Felicetti
Predicting the Relationship Between Virtual Enterprises in an Agile Supply Chain Through Structural Equation Modeling
Alan Eardley, Ariunbayar Samdantsoodol, Hongnian Yu, Shaung Cang

Collaborative Business Processes

The Need for Compliance Verification in Collaborative Business Processes
John Kasse, Lai Xu, Paul Devrieze, Yuewei Bai
Enhancing Robust Execution of BPMN Process Diagrams: A Practical Approach
Hodjat Soleimani Malekan, Mohammad Shafahi, Naser Ayat, Hamideh Afsarmanesh
Complex Collaborative Physical Process Management: A Position on the Trinity of BPM, IoT and DA
Paul Grefen, Heiko Ludwig, Samir Tata, Remco Dijkman, Nathalie Baracaldo, Anna Wilbik, Tim D’hondt

Collaboration Platform Issues

Using Chatbots to Assist Communication in Collaborative Networks
Christian Frommert, Anna Häfner, Julia Friedrich, Christian Zinke
Exploring the CIMO-Logic in the Design of Collaborative Networks Mediated by Digital Platforms
Eric Costa, António Soares, Jorge Sousa
Development of a Collaborative Platform for Closed Loop Production Control
Ben Luetkehoff, Matthias Blum, Moritz Schroeter
Reducing Information Load to Enhance Collaborative Awareness Thanks to a Pre-selection of Information
Audrey Fertier, Aurélie Montarnal, Anne-Marie Barthe-Delanoë

Information Systems Integration

On Reliable Collaborative Mobility Services
A. Osório, Luis Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Adam Belloum
A Plug and Play Integration Model for Virtual Enterprises
Juan Méndez, Ricardo Rabelo, Fabiano Baldo, Maiara Cancian
Assessment of IS Integration Efforts to Implement the Internet of Production Reference Architecture
Günther Schuh, Jörg Hoffmann, Martin Bleider, Violett Zeller

Collaborative Business Strategies

Business Impacts of Technology Disruption - A Design Science Approach to Cognitive Systems’ Adoption Within Collaborative Networks
Katri Valkokari, Tuija Rantala, Ari Alamäki, Katariina Palomäki
A Modeling Framework to Assess Strategies Alignment Based on Collaborative Network Emotions
Beatriz Andres, Filipa Ferrada, Raul Poler, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Adaptive Sales & Operations Planning: Innovative Concept for Manufacturing Collaborative Decisions?
Jean-Baptiste Vidal, Matthieu Lauras, Jacques Lamothe, Romain Miclo

Industry 4.0 Support Frameworks

Awareness Towards Industry 4.0: Key Enablers and Applications for Internet of Things and Big Data
Myrna Flores, Doroteja Maklin, Matic Golob, Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Christopher Tucci
A Framework to Support Industry 4.0: Chemical Company Case Study
Daniel Cortés Serrano, Dante Chavarría-Barrientos, Arturo Ortega, Belén Falcón, Leopoldo Mitre, Rodrigo Correa, Jaime Moreno, Rafael Funes, Arturo Molina Gutiérrez
Collaborative Design of Warehousing 4.0 Using the Concept of Contradictions
Dmitry Kucharavy, David Damand, Marc Barth, Ridha Derrouiche

Health and Social Welfare Services

The Robot Who Loved Me: Building Consciousness Models for Use in Human Robot Interaction Following a Collaborative Systems Approach
Adamantios Koumpis, Maria Christoforaki, Siegfried Handschuh
Services Evolution in Elderly Care Ecosystems
Thais Baldissera, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Towards a Cognitive Linked Public Service Cloud
Santiago Salem, Adegboyega Ojo, Elsa Estevez, Pablo Fillottrani
Cognitive Services for Collaborative mHealth: The OnParkinson Case Study
Patricia Macedo, Rui Madeira, Luis Camarinha-Matos

Semantics in Networks of Cognitive Systems

Ontology-Based Semantic Modeling for Automated Identification of Damage Mechanisms in Process Plants
Andika Rachman, R. Chandima Ratnayake
Cognitive Based Decision Support for Water Management and Catchment Regulation
Ioan Petri, Baris Yuce, Alan Kwan, Yacine Rezgui
Achieving Smart Water Network Management Through Semantically Driven Cognitive Systems
Thomas Beach, Shaun Howell, Julia Terlet, Wanqing Zhao, Yacine Rezgui
Collaborative Network for District Energy Operation and Semantic Technologies: A Case Study
Corentin Kuster, Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, Yacine Rezgui

Dynamic Logistics Networks

Control Charts to Support Trust Monitoring in Dynamic Logistics Networks
António Abreu, José Requeijo, J. Calado, Ana Dias
A New Approach for Supply Chain Management Monitoring Systems Adapted to Crisis
Quentin Schoen, Sébastien Truptil, Matthieu Lauras, Franck Fontanili, Aurélie Conges
An Approach for Surfacing Hidden Intentions and Trustworthiness in Logistics Resource Sharing Networks
Morice Daudi, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Jannicke Hauge

Collaborative Energy Services in Smart Cities

A Virtual Collaborative Platform to Support Building Information Modeling Implementation for Energy Efficiency
Ioan Petri, Ali Alhamami, Yacine Rezgui, Sylvain Kubicki
Decentralised District Multi-vector Energy Management: A Multi-agent Approach
Joelle Klaimi, Meritxell Vinyals
A Real-Time Energy Management Platform for Multi-vector District Energy Systems
Muhammad Ahmad, Jonathan Reynolds, Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, Yacine Rezgui, Michael Descamps, Christian Merckx, Jasper Dessel, Mathieu Lessinnes

Cognitive Systems in Agribusiness

Towards Virtual Biorefineries
Michelle Houngbé, Anne-Marie Barthe-Delanoë, Stéphane Négny
FIWARE Open Source Standard Platform in Smart Farming - A Review
Maria Rodriguez, Llanos Cuenca, Angel Ortiz
A Collaborative Model to Improve Farmers’ Skill Level by Investments in an Uncertain Context
Ana Esteso, Maria Mar E. Alemany, Ángel Ortiz, Cecile Guyon

Value Creation in Networks

Chinese Collaborative Software in Digital Transformation Era
Juanqiong Gou, Nan Li, Wenxin Mu, Qinghua Liu, Xiyan Lv
Business Roles in Creating Value from Data in Collaborative Networks
Ari Alamäki, Tuija Rantala, Katri Valkokari, Katariina Palomäki
Smart Tourism Destinations: Can the Destination Management Organizations Exploit Benefits of the ICTs? Evidences from a Multiple Case Study
Salvatore Ammirato, Alberto Felicetti, Marco Della Gala, Cinzia Raso, Marco Cozza

Building Information Modeling

Innovative Enterprise Architectures for Deploying Product-Service Systems in SME
João Vilas-Boas, João Simões
Integrated Framework to Manage Building’s Sustainability Efficiency, Design Features and Building Envelope
Tala Kasim, Haijiang Li, Yacine Rezgui, Thomas Beach
Meta-Standard for Collaborative BIM Standards: An Analysis of UK BIM Level 2 Standards
Mohamed Binesmael, Haijiang Li, R. Lark