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Table of Contents
Open Source Systems: Enterprise Software and Solutions
Ioannis Stamelos, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahoña, Iraklis Varlamis, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos
Front Matter

Organizational Aspects of OSS Projects

How Can Open Source Software Projects Be Compared with Organizations?
Remo Eckert
FLOSS Project Management in Government-Academia Collaboration
Melissa Wen, Paulo Meirelles, Rodrigo Siqueira, Fabio Kon
Insights into the Trilateral Relationship of Crowdfunding Campaigns, Open Source and Communities
Patricija Ilin, Dimitrios Platis, Imed Hammouda

OSS Projects Validity

Open Source Software Resilience Framework
Apostolos Kritikos, Ioannis Stamelos
Leaving Behind the Software History When Transitioning to Open Source: Reasons and Implications
Gustavo Pinto, Igor Steinmacher, Marco Gerosa
Developer Dynamics and Syntactic Quality of Commit Messages in OSS Projects
Kuljit Chahal, Munish Saini

Mining OSS Data

Process Mining for Process Conformance Checking in an OSS Project: An Empirical Research
Elia Kouzari, Lazaros Sotiriadis, Ioannis Stamelos
Ranking Source Code Static Analysis Warnings for Continuous Monitoring of FLOSS Repositories
Athos Ribeiro, Paulo Meirelles, Nelson Lago, Fabio Kon
Using PageRank to Reveal Relevant Issues to Support Decision-Making on Open Source Projects
Alessandro Caetano, Leonardo Leite, Paulo Meirelles, Hilmer Neri, Fabio Kon, Guilherme Travassos

OSS in Public Administration

Creating and Integrating a FLOSS Product into UK Law Enforcement
Joseph Williams
Possibilities of Use of Free and Open Source Software in the Greek Local Authorities
Stavros Koloniaris, George Kousiouris, Mara Nikolaidou
Mining and Linking Open Economic Data from Governmental Communities
Michalis Vafopoulos, Stylianos Rallis, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, Vassilios Peristeras, Dimitrios Negkas, Ilias Skaros, Aggelos Tzani

OSS Governance

Understanding Industry Requirements for FLOSS Governance Tools
Nikolay Harutyunyan, Andreas Bauer, Dirk Riehle

OSS Reusability

Building a Social Platform Using FLOSS to Support Collaborative Communities: The ReWeee Case Study
Ioannis Routis, Anargyros Tsadimas, Mara Nikolaidou
Improving C/C++ Open Source Software Discoverability by Utilizing Rust and Node.js Ecosystems
Kyriakos-Ioannis Kyriakou, Nikolaos Tselikas, Georgia Kapitsaki



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