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Table of Contents
Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management
Danielle Boulanger, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Mieczysław Lech Owoc (Eds.)
Front Matter

Sign Management for the Future of e-Education: Examples of Collaborative e-Services in a Living Lab (Invited Paper)
Noël Conruyt, Véronique Sébastien, Olivier Sébastien, Didier Sébastien,
and David Grosser

Tools and Methods for Knowledge Acquisition

The Role of Data Warehouse as a Source of Knowledge Acquisition in Decision-Making. An Empirical Study
Moh’d Alsqour, Mieczysław Owoc
Knowledge Extraction from Professional E-mails
Nada Matta, Hassan Atifi, François Rauscher

Models and Functioning of Knowledge Management

Challenges for Knowledge Management in the Context of IT Global Sourcing Models Implementation
Kazimierz Perechuda, Małgorzata Sobińska
How Should Digital Humanities Pioneers Manage Their Data Privacy Challenges?
Francis Rousseaux, Pierre Saurel
Usability of Knowledge Portals for Exclusives in Local Governments
Krzysztof Hauke, Mieczysław Owoc, Maciej Pondel
Knowledge Management in Distributed Agile Software Development Projects
Mohammad Razzak, Touhid Bhuiyan, Rajib Ahmed

Techniques of Artificial Intelligence Supporting Knowledge Management

Actuator Fault Diagnosis Using Single and Meta-Classification Strategies
Mateusz Kalisch, Piotr Przystałka, Anna Timofiejczuk
Intelligent Association Rules for Innovative SME Collaboration
Gulgun Kayakutlu, Irem Duzdar, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Bahar Sennaroglu

Components of Knowledge Flow

Managing Intellectual Capital in Knowledge Economy
Eunika Mercier-Laurent



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