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Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems
Svetan Ratchev (Ed.)
Front matter
Robust Adhesive Precision Bonding in Automated Assembly Cells
Tobias Müller, Sebastian Haag, Thomas Bastuck, Thomas Gisler, Hansruedi Moser, Petteri Uusimaa, Christoph Axt, Christian Brecher
Assembly of Silicon Micro-parts with Steel Spindles Using Low-Temperature Soldering
Laurenz Notter, Jacques Jacot
Testing the Mechanical Characteristics and Contacting Behaviour of Novel Manufactured and Assembled Sphere-Tipped Styli for Micro-CMM Probes
Dong-Yea Sheu, James Claverley, Richard Leach
Ultrasonic Press-Fitting: A New Assembly Technique
Csaba Laurenczy, Damien Berlie, Jacques Jacot
Precision Micro Assembly of Optical Components on MID and PCB
Jonathan Seybold, Ulrich Kessler, Karl-Peter Fritz, Heinz Kück
Integrated Tool-Chain Concept for Automated Micro-optics Assembly
Sebastian Haag, Tobias Müller, Christoph Pallasch, Christian Brecher
Feeding of Small Components Using the Surface Tension of Fluids
Matthias Burgard, Nabih Othman, Uwe Mai, Dirk Schlenker, Alexander Verl
Precision Handling of Electronic Components for PCB Rework
Gianmauro Fontana, Serena Ruggeri, Giovanni Legnani, Irene Fassi
Shift Dynamics of Capillary Self-Alignment
Gari Arutinov, Mastrangeli Massimo, Smits Edsger, Van Heck Gert, Shoo Herman, Jaap M.J. Den Toonder, Dietzel Andreas
Image Stitching Based Measurements of Medical Screws
Zoran Cenev, Timo Prusi, Reijo Tuokko
Concept of a Virtual Metrology Frame Based on Absolute Interferometry for Multi Robotic Assembly
Robert Schmitt, Martin Peterek, Stefan Quinders
Application of Deep Belief Networks for Precision Mechanism Quality Inspection
Jianwen Sun, Alexander Steinecker, Philipp Glocker
Visual quality inspection and fine anomalies: methods and application
Simon-Frédéric Desage, Gilles Pitard, Maurice Pillet, Hugues Favrelière, Fabrice Frelin, Serge Samper, Gaëtan Le Goic, Laurent Gwinner, Pierre Jochum
Control Methods in Microspheres Precision Assembly for Colloidal Lithography
Olivier Dellea, Olga Shavdina, Pascal Fugier, Philippe Coronel, Emmanuel Ollier, Simon-Frédéric Desage
A Multi-Agent System Architecture for Self-configuration
Nikolas Antzoulatos, Elkin Castro, Daniele Scrimieri, Svetan Ratchev
Process Module Construction Kit for Modular Micro Assembly Systems
Raphael Adamietz, Tobias Iseringhausen, Alexander Verl
Modular Workpiece Carrier System for Micro Production
Tobias Iseringhausen, Raphael Adamietz, Dirk Schlenker, Alexander Verl
A Generic Systems Engineering Method for Concurrent Development of Products and Manufacturing Equipment
Erik Puik, Paul Gielen, Leo Van Moergestel, Darek Ceglarek
The SMARTLAM 3D-I Concept: Design of Microsystems from Functional Elements Fabricated by Generative Manufacturing Technologies
Markus Dickerhof, Daniel Kimmig, Raphael Adamietz, Tobias Iseringhausen, Joel Segal, Nikola Vladov, Wilhelm Pfleging, Maika Torge
Optimal Design of Remote Center Compliance Devices of Rotational Symmetry
Yang Liu, Michael Wang


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