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Table of Contents
Open Source Software: Mobile Open Source Technologies
Luis Corral, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi, Jelena Vlasenko, Anthony I.Wasserman (Eds.)
Front Matter

Open Source Visualization and Reporting

Code Review Analytics: WebKit as Case Study
Jesús González-Barahona, Daniel Izquierdo-Cortázar, Gregorio Robles, Mario Gallegos
Navigation Support in Evolving Open-Source Communities by a Web-Based Dashboard
Anna Hannemann, Kristjan Liiva, Ralf Klamma
Who Contributes to What? Exploring Hidden Relationships between FLOSS Projects
M. Syeed, Imed Hammouda
How Do Social Interaction Networks Influence Peer Impressions Formation? A Case Study
Amiangshu Bosu, Jeffrey Carver
Drawing the Big Picture: Temporal Visualization of Dynamic Collaboration Graphs of OSS Software Forks
Amir Azarbakht, Carlos Jensen

Open Source in Business Modeling

Analyzing the Relationship between the License of Packages and Their Files in Free and Open Source Software
Yuki Manabe, Daniel German, Katsuro Inoue
Adapting SCRUM to the Italian Army: Methods and (Open) Tools
Franco Cotugno, Angelo Messina
Applying the Submission Multiple Tier (SMT) Matrix to Detect Impact on Developer Interest on Open Source Project Survivability
Bee Chua
FOSS Service Management and Incidences
Susana Ortiz, Alfredo Pérez Benitez
Open-Source Software Entrepreneurial Business Modelling
Jose Teixeira, Joni Salminen

Open Source in Mobile and Web Technologies

Towards Understanding of Structural Attributes of Web APIs Using Metrics Based on API Call Responses
Andrea Janes, Tadas Remencius, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi
Open Source Mobile Virtual Machines: An Energy Assessment of Dalvik vs. ART
Anton Georgiev, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi
Improving Mozilla’s In-App Payment Platform
Ewa Janczukowicz, Ahmed Bouabdallah, Arnaud Braud, Gaël Fromentoux, Jean-Marie Bonnin
A Performance Analysis of Wireless Mesh Networks Implementations Based on Open Source Software
Iván Armuelles Voinov, Aidelen Cedeño, Joaquín Chung, Grace González
Use of Open Software Tools for Data Offloading Techniques Analysis on Mobile Networks
José Koo, Juan Espino, Iván Armuelles, Rubén Villarreal

Open Source in Education and Research

Crafting a Systematic Literature Review on Open-Source Platforms
Jose Teixeira, Abayomi Baiyere
Considerations Regarding the Creation of a Post-graduate Master’s Degree in Free Software
Sergio Montes León, Gregorio Robles, Jesús González-Barahona, Luis Sánchez C.
Lessons Learned from Teaching Open Source Software Development
Becka Morgan, Carlos Jensen
A Successful OSS Adaptation and Integration in an e-Learning Platform: TEC Digital
Mario Chacon-Rivas, Cesar Garita
Smart TV with Free Technologies in Support of Teaching-Learning Process
Eugenio Rosales Rosa, Abel Fírvida Donéstevez, Marielis González Muño, Allan Fuentes

Development Processes of Open Source Products

Barriers Faced by Newcomers to Open Source Projects: A Systematic Review
Igor Steinmacher, Marco Silva, Marco Gerosa
Does Contributor Characteristics Influence Future Participation? A Case Study on Google Chromium Issue Tracking System
Ayushi Rastogi, Ashish Sureka
A Layered Approach to Managing Risks in OSS Projects
Xavier Franch, Ron Kenett, Fabio Mancinelli, Angelo Susi, David Ameller, Ron Ben-Jacob, Alberto Siena
The Agile Management of Development Projects of Software Combining Scrum, Kanban and Expert Consultation
Michel Febles Parker, Yusleydi Monte

Testing and Assurance on Open Source Projects

An Exploration of Code Quality in FOSS Projects
Iftekhar Ahmed, Soroush Ghorashi, Carlos Jensen
Polytrix: A Pacto-Powered Polyglot Test Matrix
Max Lincoln, Fernando Alves
Flow Research SXP Agile Methodology for FOSS Projects
Gladys Peñalver Romero, Lisandra Leyva Samada, Abel Abad
How to Support Newcomers Onboarding to Open Source Software Projects
Igor Steinmacher, Marco Gerosa

Global Impact on Open Source Communities and Development

The Census of the Brazilian Open-Source Community
Gustavo Pinto, Fernando Kamei
Cuban GNU/Linux Nova Distribution for Server Computers
Eugenio Rosales Rosa, Juan Fuentes Rodríguez, Abel Fírvida Donéstevez, Dairelys García Rivas
A Study of the Effect on Business Growth by Utilization and Contribution of Open Source Software in Japanese IT Companies
Tetsuo Noda, Terutaka Tansho

Case Studies and Demonstrations of Open Source Projects

USB Device Management in GNU/Linux Systems
Edilberto Deroncelé, Allan Fuentes, Dayana Tejera Hernández, Haniel Cáceres Navarro, Abel Fírvida Donestévez, Michel Febles Parker
PROINFODATA: Monitoring a Large Park of Computational Laboratories
Cleide Possamai, Diego Pasqualin, Daniel Weingaertner, Eduardo Todt, Marcos Castilho, Luis Bona, Eduardo Almeida
Book Locator: Books Manager
Dairelys García Rivas
Automation of Agricultural Irrigation System with Open Source
Bladimir Quezada, Javier Fernández
When Are OSS Developers More Likely to Introduce Vulnerable Code Changes? A Case Study
Amiangshu Bosu, Jeffrey Carver, Munawar Hafiz, Patrick Hilley, Derek Janni



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