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Find papers presented at the First IFIP WG 12.6 International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management, AI4KM 2012, held in Montpellier, France, in August 2012, in conjunction with the 20th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI 2012. The following proceeding presents new research and innovative aspects in the field of knowledge management.

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Table of Contents
Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management
Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Danielle Boulanger (Eds.)
Front Matter
Overview of AI Research History in USSR and Ukraine: Up-to-Date Just-In-Time Knowledge Concept
Konstantin Golubev
Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management with BPMN and Rules
Antoni Ligęza, Tomasz Potempa
Validation Model for Discovered Web User Navigation Patterns
Mieczysław Owoc, Paweł Weichbroth
Kleenks: Linked Data with Applications in Research and Ambient Assisted Living
Andrei-Adnan Ismail, Razvan Dinu, Adina Magda Florea, Tiberiu Stratulat, Jacques Ferber
The Status Quo of Ontology Learning from Unstructured Knowledge Sources
for Knowledge Management

Andreas Scheuermann, Jens Obermann
Knowledge Management Applied to Electronic Public Procurement
Helena Lindskog, Eunika Mercier-Laurent
Distributed and Collaborative Knowledge Management Using an Ontology-Based System
Weronika Adrian, Antoni Ligęza, Grzegorz Nalepa, Krzysztof Kaczor
Collective Intelligence for Evaluating Synergy in Collaborative Innovation
Ayca Altay, Gulgun Kayakutlu
How to Understand Digital Studio Outputs: The Case of Digital Music Production
Karim Barkati, Francis Rousseaux
From Knowledge Transmission to Sign Sharing: Semiotic Web as a New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning in the Future Internet
Noël Conruyt, Véronique Sébastien, Olivier Sébastien, David Grosser, Didier Sébastien


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