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Shaping the Future of ICT Research: Methods and Approaches
Anol Bhattacherjee, Brian Fitzgerald (Eds.)
Front Matter

Track I: New Methods in Design Science Research

Resolving Name Conflicts for Mobile Apps in Twitter Posts
Sangaralingam Kajanan, Ahmed Bin Mohd Shariff, Kaushik Dutta, Anindya Datta
Using Adjective Features from User Reviews to Generate Higher Quality and Explainable Recommendations
Xiaoying Xu, Anindya Datta, Kaushik Dutta
Product Semantics in Design Research Practice
Jonas Sjöström, Brian Donnellan, Markus Helfert

Track II: Recent Developments in Inductive Research Methods

Action Design Ethnographic Research (ADER): Vested Interest Networks and ICT Networks in Service Delivery of Land Records in Bangladesh
M. Alam, Laurence Brooks, N. Khan
Grounded Analytic Research: Building Theory from a Body of Research
Bjørn Furuholt, Maung Sein
Using Photo-Diary Interviews to Study Cyborgian Identity Performance in Virtual Worlds
Ulrike Schultze

Track III: Emerging Themes in Interpretive Case Study Research

 Living in a Sociomaterial World
Eric Monteiro, Petter Almklov, Vidar Hepsø
 Co-materialization: Digital Innovation Dynamics in the Offshore Petroleum Industry
Thomas Østerlie
Mutability and Becoming: Materializing of Public Sector Adoption of Open Source Software
Maha Shaikh

Track IV: New Ideas in Positivist Research

Moderating Effect of Environmental Factors on eHealth Development and Health Outcomes: A Country-Level Analysis
Supunmali Ahangama, Danny Poo
Social Networks and Communication Media for Generating Creative Ideas
Yi Wu, Klarissa Chang
Cultural Challenges in Information Systems Innovation: The Need for Differentiation Studies
Carl Lawrence, Markku Oivo

Track V: Innovative Trends in Information Systems Research

Digital Artifacts as Institutional Attractors: A Systems Biology Perspective on Change in Organizational Routines
Sungyong Um, Youngjin Yoo, Nicholas Berente, Kalle Lyytinen
Amazon Mechanical Turk: A Research Tool for Organizations and Information Systems Scholars
Kevin Crowston
Customization of Product Software: Insight from an Extensive IS Literature Review
Matthias Bertram, Mario Schaarschmidt, Harald Kortzfleisch



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