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Researching the Future in Information Systems
Mike Chiasson, Ola Henfridsson, Helena Karsten, Janice I. DeGross (Eds.)
Front Matter

Researching the Future: The Information Systems Discipline’s Futures Infrastructure

Researching the Future: The Information Systems Discipline’s Futures Infrastructure
Mike Chiasson, Ola Henfridsson

Section 1: How the Future and the Past Are Connected and Inter-related

Toward an Approach to Generate Forward-Looking Theories Using Systems Concepts
Kosheek Sewchurran, Irwin Brown
Information Systems Innovation Research: Between Novel Futures and Durable Presents
Margunn Aanestad
The Present as Future: The Problem of Translation in Corporate Science Projects
Eleanor Wynn

Section 2: Critical View of the Future

What Does the Future Hold? A Critical View of Emerging Information and Communication Technologies and Their Social Consequences
Bernd Stahl
Rationality and Foolishness: Alternative Forecasting Systems in a Manufacturing Firm
Charlotte Brown

Section 3: Technological Futures

What Future? Which Technology? On the Problem of Describing Relevant Futures
Bernd Stahl
Conceptualizing Consumer Perceptions of Making M-Payments Using Smart Phones in Ireland
Pavel Andreev, Aidan Duane, Philip O’reilly
The Impact of Instant Messaging Tools on Knowledge Management and Team Performance
Carol Ou, Darren Leung, Robert Davison

Section 4: The Future of Information Technology and Work-Related Practices in Health Care

Journey to DOR: A Retro Science-Fiction Story on Researching ePrescribing
Valentina Lichtner, Will Venters
The Standardized Nurse: Mission Impossible?
Rune Pedersen, Gunnar Ellingsen, Eric Monteiro
The Role of Technology in Shaping the Professional Future of Community Pharmacists: The Case of the Electronic Prescription Service in the English National Health Service
Dimitra Petrakaki, Tony Cornford, Ralph Hibberd, Valentina Lichtner, Nick Barber

Section 5: The Future of Industrial-Institutional Practices and Outcomes through Information Technology

From Forestry Machines to Sociotechnical Hybrids: Investigating the Use of Digitally Enabled Forestry Machines
Daniel Nylén, Jonny Holmström
Lessons from Volunteering and Free/Libre Open Source Software Development for the Future of Work
Kevin Crowston
Investigating Open Innovation and Interorganizational Networks in the IT Industry: The Case of Standard Software Customization
Karlheinz Kautz, Deborah Bunker, Sameen Rab, Michael Sinnet

Section 6: The Future of Critical Realism in IS Research

Systems of Innovation, Multidisciplinarity, and Methodological Pluralism: A Realist Approach to Guide the Future of Information Systems Research and Practice
Arturo Vega, David Brown
Critical Realist Information Systems Research in Action
Sven Carlsson

Section 7: Panels and Workshop

The Social Design of Information Systems
Steve Sawyer, Murali Venkatesh, Juhani Iivari, Cathy Urquhart, Ben Light
Teaching Foresight and the Future
Erran Carmel, Michel Avital, Paul Gray, Jannis Kallinikos, John King
Will Current Trends in Information Systems Development Lead to More Visible Usage of Socio-technical Approaches?
Steven Alter, Mikko Korpela, Doncho Petkov, Nancy Russo
Methods for Studying the Information Systems Future
Paul Gray, Anat Hovav



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