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Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV (Part II)
Daoliang Li, Yingyi Chen, Yande Liu
Book Front Matter
Food Safety and Technological Implications of Food Traceability Systems
Hailiang Zhang, Xudong Sun, Yande Liu
Function Design of Township Enterprise Online Approval System
Peng Lu, Gang Lu, Chao Ding
Application of GPS on Power System Operation
Chunmei Pei, Huiling Guo, Xiuqing Yang, Bin He, Wei Liu, Xuemei Li
Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring System Based on Labview
Zhihong Zheng, Kai Zhang, Chengliang Liu
Image-Driven Panel Design via Feature-Preserving Mesh Deformation
Baojun Li, Xiuping Liu, Yanqi Liu, Ping Hu, Mingzeng Liu, Changsheng Wang
Influences of Temperature of Vapour-Condenser and Pressure in the Vacuum Chamber on the Cooling Rate during Vacuum Cooling
Tingxiang Jin, Gailian Li, Chunxia Hu
Inspection of Lettuce Water Stress Based on Multi-sensor Information Fusion Technology
Hongyan Gao, Hanping Mao, Xiaodong Zhang
Measurement of Chili Pepper Plants Size Based on Mathematical Morphology
Yun Gao, Xiaoyu Li, Kun Qi, Hong Chen
Methodology Comparison for Effective LAI Retrieving Based on Digital Hemispherical Photograph in Rice Canopy
Lianqing Zhou, Guiying Pan, Zhou Shi
Molecular Methods of Studying Microbial Diversity in Soil Environments
Liu Zhao, Zhihong Ma, Yunxia Luan, Anxiang Lu, Jihua Wang, Ligang Pan
Monitoring the Plant Density of Cotton with Remotely Sensed Data
Junhua Bai, Jing Li, Shaokun Li
Motion Blurring Direction Identification Based on Second-Order Difference Spectrum
Junxiong Zhang, Fen He, Wei Li
Multi-agent Quality of Bee Products Traceability Model Based on Roles
Yue E, Yeping Zhu, Yongsheng Cao
NIR Spectroscopy Identification of Persimmon Varieties Based on PCA-SVM
Shujuan Zhang, Dengfei Jie, Haihong Zhang
One Method for Batch DHI Data Import into SQL-Server
Liang Shi, Wenxing Bao
Optimal Sizing Design for Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in Rural Areas
Yu Fu, Jianhua Yang, Tingting Zuo
Overall Layout Design of Iron and Steel Plants Based on SLP Theory
Ermin Zhou, Kelou Chen, Yanrong Zhang
Performance Forecasting of Piston Element in Motorcycle Engine Based on BP Neural Network
Rong Dai
Performance Monitoring System for Precision Planter Based on MSP430-CT171
Lianming Xia, Xiangyou Wang, Duanyang Geng, Qingfeng Zhang
Pervasive Agricultural Environment Monitoring System Based on Embedded Database
Hu Zhao, Sangen Wang, Dake Wu
Precipitation Resource Potential in Mountainous Areas in Hebei Province Analysis
Zheng Liu, Yanxia Zheng, Zhiyong Zhao
Precision Drip Irrigation on Hot Pepper in Arid Northwest China Area
Fengxin Wang, Huiying Yang, Haijun Liu, Yan Li, Guanhua Huang
Study on Thermal Conductivities Prediction for Apple Fruit Juice by Using Neural Network
Min Zhang, Zhenhua Che, Jiahua Lu, Huizhong Zhao, Jianhua Chen, Zhiyou Zhong, Le Yang
Prediction of Agricultural Machinery Total Power Based on PSO-GM(2,1,λ, ρ) Model
Di-Yi Chen, Yu-Xiao Liu, Xiao-Yi Ma, Yan Long
Prediction of Irrigation Security of Reclaimed Water Storage in Winter Based on ANN
Jinfeng Deng
Progress of China Agricultural Information Technology Research and Applications Based on Registered Agricultural Software Packages
Kaimeng Sun
Quantification Research on Different Load Weight-Bearing Running Biochemical Indexes of Rats
Huaping Shang
Rapid Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Fresh Vegetables and Fruits with Electrochemically Treated Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
Ling Xiang, Hua Ping, Liu Zhao, Zhihong Ma, Ligang Pan
Regional Drought Monitoring and Analyzing Using MODIS Data — A Case Study in Yunnan Province
Guoyin Cai, Mingyi Du, Yang Liu
Regression Analysis and Indoor Air Temperature Model of Greenhouse in Northern Dry and Cold Regions
Ting Zhao, Heru Xue
Remote Control System Based on Compressed Image
Weichuan Liao
Analysis of the Poverty-Stricken Rural Areas’ Demand for Rapid Dissemination of Agricultural Information — Taking Wanquan County in Hebei Province as an Example
Xiaoxia Shi, Yongchang Wu
Research and Analysis about System of Digital Agriculture Based on a Network Platform
Duan Yane
Research and Development of Preceding-Evaluation System of Rural Drinking Water Safety Project
Lian He, Jilin Cheng
Research of Evaluation on Cultivated Land Fertility in Xinjiang Desert Oasis Based on GIS Technology——Taking No. 22 State Farm as the Example
Ling Wang, Xin Lv, Hailong Liu
Research of Pest Diagnosis System Development Tools Based on Binary Tree
Yun Qiu, Guomin Zhou
Research of Soil Moisture Content Forecast Model Based on Genetic Algorithm BP Neural Network
Caojun Huang, Lin Li, Souhua Ren, Zhisheng Zhou
Research of the Measurement on Palmitic Acid in Edible Oils by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Hui Li, Jingzhu Wu, Cuiling Liu
Research on a Heuristic GA-Based Decision Support System for Rice in Heilongjiang Province
Ran Cao, Yushu Yang, Wei Guo
Research on Docking of Supply and Demand of Rural Informationization and “Internet Digital Divide” in Urban and Rural Areas in China
Zhongwei Sun, Yang Wang, Peng Lu
Research on Evaluation of Rural Highway Construction in Hebei Province
Guisheng Rao, Limeng Qi, Runqing Zhang, Li Deng
Research on Farmland Information Collecting and Processing Technology Based on DGPS
Weidong Zhuang, Chun Wang
Research on Fertilizer Efficiency of Continuous Cropping Greenhouse Cucumber Based on DEA Model
Xiaohui Yang, Yuxiang Huang, Shuqin Li, Sheng Huang
Design and Implementation of Crop Recommendation Fertilization Decision System Based on WEBGIS at Village Scale
Hao Zhang, Li Zhang, Yanna Ren, Juan Zhang, Xin Xu, Xinming Ma, Zhongmin Lu
Research on Influenced Factors about Routing Selection Scheme in Agricultural Machinery Allocation
Fan Zhang, Guifa Teng, Jie Yao, Sufen Dong
Research on Informationization Talented Person Training Pattern of the Countryside Area in China
Yang Wang, Zhongwei Sun
Research on Quality Index System of Digital Aerial Photography Results
Wencong Jiang, Yanling Li, Yong Liang, Yanwei Zeng
Research on Quality Inspection Method of Digital Aerial Photography Results
Xiaojun Wang, Yanling Li, Yong Liang, Yanwei Zeng
On RFID Application in the Tracking and Tracing System of Agricultural Product Logistics
Weihua Gan, Yuwei Zhu, Tingting Zhang
Research on Rough Set and Decision Tree Method Application in Evaluation of Soil Fertility Level
Guifen Chen, Li Ma
Research on the Method of Geospatial Information Intelligent Search Based on Search Intention Model
Jingbo Liu, Jian Wang, Bingbo Gao
Research on the Theory and Methods for Similarity Calculation of Rough Formal Concept in Missing-Value Context
Wang Kai, Li Shao-Wen, Zhang You-Hua, Liu Chao
Research on Traceability System of Food Safety Based on PDF417 Two-Dimensional Bar Code
Shipu Xu, Muhua Liu, Jingyin Zhao, Tao Yuan, Yunsheng Wang
Research and Application of Cultivation-Simulation-Optimization Decision Making System for Rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.)
Hongxin Cao, Chunlei Zhang, Baojun Zhang, Suolao Zhao, Daokuo Ge, Baoqing Wang, Chuanbao Zhu, David Hannaway, Dawei Zhu, Juanuan Zhu, Jinying Sun, Yan Liu, Yongxia Liu, Xiufang Wei
Residue Dynamics of Phoxim in Pericarp, Sarcocarp and Kernel of Apple
Yunxia Luan, Hua Ping, Ligang Pan
Risk Analysis of Aedes triseriatus in China
Jingyuan Liu, Xiaoguang Ma, Zhihong Li, Xiaoying Wu, Nan Sun
Risk Assessment of Reclaimed Water Utilization in Basin Based on GIS
Yanxia Zheng, Shaoyuan Feng, Na Jiang, Qingyi Meng
Root Architecture Modeling and Visualization in Wheat
Liang Tang, Feng Tan, Haiyan Jiang, Xiaojun Lei, Weixing Cao, Yan Zhu
Sensors in Smart Phone
Chunmei Pei, Huiling Guo, Xiuqing Yang, Yangqiu Wang, Xiaojing Zhang, Hairong Ye
Simulation Analyze the Dice and Shape of the Dicer Based on ADAMS
Yingsa Huang, Jianping Hu, Deyong Yang, Xiuping Shao, Fa Liu
Simulation and Design of Mixing Mechanism in Fertilizer Automated Proportioning Equipment Based on Pro/E and CFD
Liming Chen, Liming Xu
Simulation Study of a Novel Algorithm for Digital Relaying Based on FPGA
Renwang He, Dandan Xie, Yuling Zhao, Yibo Yang
Simulation Study of Single Line-to-Ground Faults on Rural Teed Distribution Lines
Wanying Qiu
Single Leaf Area Measurement Using Digital Camera Image
Baisong Chen, Zhuo Fu, Yuchun Pan, Jihua Wang, Zhixuan Zeng
Sliding Monitoring System for Ground Wheel Based on ATMEGA16 for No-Tillage Planter—CT246
Lianming Xia, Xiangyou Wang, Duayang Geng, Qingfeng Zhang
Soil Erosion Features by Land Use and Land Cover in Hilly Agricultural Watersheds in Central Sichuan Province, China
Zhongdong Yin, Changqing Zuo, Liang Ma
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Annual Precipitation during 1958-2007 in Loess Plateau, China
Rui Guo, Fengmin Li, Wenying He, Sen Yang, Guojun Sun
Spatial Statistical Analysis in Cow Disease Monitoring Based on GIS
Lin Li, Yong Yang, Hongbin Wang, Jing Dong, Yujun Zhao, Jianbin He
Study for Organic Soybean Production Information Traceability System Based on Web
Xi Wang, Chun Wang, Xinzhong Wang, Weidong Zhuang
Study of Agricultural Informatization Standards Framework
Yunpeng Cui, Shihong Liu, Pengju He
On Countermeasures of Promoting Agricultural Products’ E–Commerce in China
Weihua Gan, Tingting Zhang, Yuwei Zhu
Study on Approaches of Land Suitability Evaluation for Crop Production Using GIS
Linyi Li, Jingyin Zhao, Tao Yuan
Tracking of Human Arm Based on MEMS Sensors
Yuxiang Zhang, Liuyi Ma, Tongda Zhang, Fuhou Xu
Study on Integration of Measurement and Control System for Combine Harvester
Jin Chen, Yuelan Zheng, Yaoming Li, Xinhua Wei
Study on Jabber Be Applied to Video Diagnosis for Plant Diseases and Insect Pests
Wei Zhang, Junfeng Zhang, Feng Yu, Jichun Zhao, Rupeng Luan
Study on Pretreatment Algorithm of Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Xiaoli Wang, Guomin Zhou
Study on Rapid Identification Methods of Transgenic Rapeseed Oil Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Shiping Zhu, Jing Liang, Lin Yan
Study on Regional Agro-ecological Risk and Pressure Supported by City Expansion Model and SERA Model - A Case Study of Selangor, Malaysia
Xiaoxia Shi, Yaoli Zhang, Cheng Peng
Study on Relationship between Tobacco Canopy Spectra and LAI
Hongbo Qiao, Weng Mei, Yafei Yang, Wang Yong, Jishuai Zhang, Yu Hua
Study on Spatial Scale Transformation Method of MODIS NDVI and NOAA NDVI in Inner Mongolia Grassland
Hongbin Zhang, Guixia Yang, Qing Huang, Gang Li, Baorui Chen, Xiaoping Xin
Study on Storage Characteristic of Navel Orange Based on ANN
Junfang Xia, Runwen Hu
Study on the Differences of Village-Level Spatial Variability of Agricultural Soil Available K in the Typical Black Soil Regions of Northeast China
Weiwei Cui, Jiping Liu
Study on the Management System of Farmland Intelligent Irrigation
Fanghua Li, Bai Wang, Yan Huang, Yun Teng, Tijiu Cai
Extracting Winter Wheat Planting Area Based on Cropping System with Remote Sensing
Xueyan Sui, Xiaodong Zhang, Shaokun Li, Zhenlin Zhu, Bo Ming, Xiaoqing Sun
Study on the Rainfall Interpolation Algorithm of Distributed Hydrological Model Based on RS
Xiaoxia Yang, Yong Liang, Song Jia
Study on Vegetable Field Evaluation Index System for Non-Point Source Pollution of Dagu River Basin
Jinheng Zhang, Junqiang Wang, Yongliang Lv, Jianting Liu, Dapeng Li, Zhenxuan Yao, Xi Jiang, Ying Liu
Study on Water Resources Optimal Allocation of Irrigation District and Irrigation Decision Support System
Liang Zhang, Daoxi Li, Xiaoyu An
Study on Web-Based Cotton Fertilization Recommendation and Information Management Decision Support System
Yv-Mei Dang, Xin Lv



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